Looking for a showing agent

Hi Guys, I’m an Agent, I need someone to help me with home showings.
Im looking for an agent who can help me show homes in Fremont, Pleasanton, and San Ramon, Dublin!
If you’re interested we can talk about the details

What kind of home you want? How many people will be living? Are there children who will go to schools? Will you benefit from work from the home flexibility? Will this be for primary residence, or for rent?

Send us your financials. Then we will show you whatever you want. East Bay. Need $500k down $300 k income. $2m target price.

Lot of people I know will not buy homes older than 10 years. But, I think some of the best locations in valley have old homes. How can one buy brand new home and not have to drive 30+ miles from San Jose?

Plus, to know what you can afford, you do not need to go to a loan agent. Multiply your annual income by 6-7. That is likely the amount of home you can buy.