Looking for some advice to sell or not in SF


Did someone call my name???


No, just kidding on Stanley Lo…(although he is quite successful in his own right).

You know, I refer to her articles and his website often too so I would consider interviewing Eileen or Alex as possible agents. They seem to be quite good and have good Yelp reviews supposedly. Good luck!!!



Look at the recent sales in your neighborhood, call those agents who sold for top dollars


Look at Potrero Hill area expert.

Almost many realtors say that they can get top dollars, but some reasonable expert will give you correct sale range, reasonable finish, cost associated with it.

If you see some of the past 6 - 12 months home sales around Potrero Hill, you will see some specialists in that area.


Oh, and regardless of whom you go with as your agent, please negotiate the broker commission down. It better not be 6%!!!


I am! I want a piece of the Fab 7x7 so I can be with Manch and Wuqi, and maybe dragonboy…


If you want to be with me and @sfdragonboy, then buy in Sunset.

If you want to be with @manch, then buy in ___ (@sfdragonboy please fill in the blank, I lost track!!!)


I am with @hanera and lean towards simplifying life. But hardcore bulls like @wuqijun says hodl for all costs.

Here’s one way to do it. I shared on forum some time back about equity sharing. Basically you sell a piece say 20% of the house and share with the bank future sales proceed. It’s not a loan and there is no payment. Like this one:

Or if you can sell it here. Some people may be interested in 50% of your house. You will share the rental income and future appreciation.


Here’s another. Plenty of equity sharing products on market.


Wuqijun is cash flow rich and low DTI person, has the income stream to hold long.

Normally, DTI less than 30% is easy to hold, 30-450 is tough, tougher when it reaches beyond 40%, and braking level above 50.


And @wuqijun conveniently forgets he’s a flipper and sells all the time. :smile:


Sorry, I am heading a few miles south…but don’t worry, you will find me at San Tung often…


Come on, I thought you knew where our Fearless Leader resides in the Fab 7x7??? I can’t keep track of every Honda CRV with some chinese guy driving it…


No choice!!! I would love to keep everything but even Warren Buffett would eventually run out of money if he kept buying and never sold… :frowning:


Right. Looks like OP has no choice either.

I am just throwing another solution out there. Instead of selling 100% maybe he can sell a portion. But overall hard to argue with 500k tax free.


No idea… I did have one but I think it’s become a taboo… :laughing:


Um… you do have to make careful consideration to see if you really indeed don’t have a choice… I don’t just flip everything; if I see value into holding it then I would, even at the expense of negative cash flow. For example, my WSJ rental has been that way for years… ever since the first day I bought it… :wink:


Also, 500k tax free might sound enticing, but I might now be in a position where I can net 500k from my rental even after the tax deduction. So which is better? :wink:


5-6% commission is too high to be worth taking the 500k tax free. You pay 60k commission to save 150k tax, plus your next purchase will have a much higher property tax.

Generally hodl is better if possible


I take it you don’t play poker???


How did you connect this to poker? I know you don’t buy Bitcoins