Looking for some advice to sell or not in SF


In poker and in life, you don’t hold for the sake of holding. The OP revealed to us that he was stressed from holding this property. Ok, fine, let it go…


Thank you. Those 2 agents don’t even appear in this list below -


Well, not too surprising really, but keep in mind that Mr. Lo has a poor reputation too. Yes, he is numero uno because my understanding is that he lowballs on the commission ask so he gets way more than his share of the listings and he does concentrate on the peninsula. Good for you, you say, but frankly I have gone to some of his listings and he wasn’t there. He of course only shows up probably at the most expensive or top listing. I want an agent who would be there for me, at my listing. I read some of Eileen’s clients’ reviews and I was impressed (that’s all). Good luck with whomever you choose!!!


I actually find this list suspect because my fav whipping boy realtor, Jason Chan, is not on the list. No way. He sells so much in SF Sunset that he would be on here. Tanya sells Sunset well and she is on here but I have to honestly believe that Jason would take her. I could be wrong…


Do you need to pay to be included in the list?


I am pretty sure you have to.

Still looking to find a top producer list that I can trust, guess it doesn’t exist!


Usually when a home appreciates so much you would be cash flow neutral…I wonder if you’re overestimating how much it’s worth now, or the tenant is underpaying the rent, or you have a really high mortgage rate or something like that?

Purchased for 750k / 20 percent down / 3.9% loan = payment of 2830 a month. Property tax around 800/month. Total = 3630. Add a few hundred for Insurance, repairs etc, makes 4000/month

2 bedroom single family home in Potrero hill would surely be 4000/month?

I have similar % price gains from a condo in the city which I actually refinanced and pulled cash out of AND I’m still cash flow neutral (vs cash flow positive) And I have a 500/month HOA fee in there! So there’s something that is not making sense but I’m not sure what.


I’ll add some thoughts about my situation that might be relevant. In my case I did consider selling but decided against it because (1) it felt like a stressful process and (2) I felt the low property tax was a nice thing to hold on to long term.

Selling felt stressful because to get the best price I’d need to remodel the kitchen and bathroom, paint, plus a few minor things. It would be empty for several months during that time and during the sell/escrow process. I would have spent a bunch of money (renovations plus staging plus not getting any income those months from a tenant) and if I didn’t get a good offer I felt I’d be in the hole. The agent I met with was adamant I needed to do all these things to get a good price - with Sfh maybe you can get away without it or yours is more renovated. Also I was not working at the time so losing 30K+ in that process felt scary.

Now I’ve passed the 3 year thing with my tenant, if I were to sell now I wouldn’t have the cap gains exclusion. So I do regret that sometimes, especially if my tenant moves out shortly and I have to go through process of finding one again. Also my return on equity is super low (since it is only cash flow neutral.)

So I’d say, if I were in your situation (cash flow negative) and there’s no way to get it to neutral I’d sell.


This is the official response I got from that source…

I am waiting to hear from Jason himself. He better have a good explanation!!!:grinning:

Thank you for your inquiry.

The reason Jason is not on the list in 2017 is that he did not sell the minimum volume of $48,575,654 in calendar 2016 (in individual sales). This is the minimum volume as established by The Luxury Marketing Council and Real Trends which verifies and reports all recognized sales (including off market) in the U.S. It is possible that Jason is recording his sales as part of a team but if so, we are unaware.

Incidentally, we have checked with Barbagelata re any of their agents making the Leading 100 list in 2017 and could not identify any candidates.

The 2018 list (based on 2017 volume) will be released in August of this year.

Many thanks.

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I would NOT simply go with the top producer in terms of volume (see previous comments regarding Mr. Hair). Let’s be honest, I could sell your home for you in this market. Interview several agents whom you have identified as meeting your criteria and go with the one that is on the same page as you in all ways or as many as possible. Every freaking agent is going to blow sunshine up your arse to get the listing. You want someone objective too though.


Nice to hear back from them. One thing is for sure - this list is legit?

I used that list and saw a realtor being the top producer for the area Mission/Potrero/Noe. He said was “ I am the top producer in the Noe to Potrero Hill for god knows how many years, it’s a great time to sell, 2016/2017 slowed down in sales but 2018 is looking more like 2015 and picking up and getting hot, you’ll be in great shape”

For crying out loud, should i believe him?


Go on Zillow and check his sales.


If you are in need of saving a few thousands, go the private sale with anybody here. Providing that they can beat the best offer a hired Realtor would get minus his or her commission. There are also Realtors here lurking as spectators. LOL…:rofl:

Remember, past results don’t guarantee future expectations. Things can change for the better of for the worse when it comes to the housing market. Jobs disappear, and so are gone the high home prices. It may not be the same results in key areas as SF, Palo Alto, Atherton, Cupertino and so on, but chances are they can stagnate for years if any recession develops.

If you are in any way going to pay capital gains= taxes after you use your $500K deductions, I can help you deferring the payment of those taxes for 30 years. It is for people who have used their 1031 exchange already.

ADDING: It’s also good for people getting out of the real estate game.


Uh, too late to get this RE agent @3harkwo???


I am open to that, please DM me if anyone is interested :slight_smile:



Finally! I did some good deed here! :sweat_smile:


We would like to have this buyinghouse more…



You are taking me seriously?

You don’t want me to go postal?

I got an AR-15 hanging on my wall. It was a nice poster I bought years ago :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Btw, I went through similar to that awhile ago, but the issue is how would you know your top dollar you might get and there will always be what if. And because of that, I actually sold on the market and I got more than what I have in mind. If you actually list the house with a realtor, I think that contract actually call for their commission if you turn around and sell it to your cousin, for example. This might work if you have a number that you’ll be happy :slight_smile:


This is very common when you open it for public. Long before, my colleague was asking that he can sell it to anyone of us if someone accepts his 1.6M Cupertino home offer, no one came forward. He listed it and sold to a full cash offer for 2M. With the tax free money, he went and bought Pleasanton home for 800k full cash.


Giving up a house in Cupertino for a home in Pleasanton is probably a failure from a sound investment perspective.