Looking to sell my SFH, any private buyers here?

I am looking to sell my SFH in the Mission. I have noticed some private buyer activity here and since i am fairly new to this forum I do not know how well it would fare. House is ~1,025 sq ft and 2 bed 2 bath. On the border of Potrero Hill and the Mission district.

You have a better bet listing it on the MLS than finding any private buyers here.

What’s the price, address? You can post here and see what happens. The worst case would be a tiny amount of free ads and no buyers.

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If i list it on MLS how different would it be than a Realtor listing it? I guess the staged pictures?

Suggest you post a photo or two here. We have plenty of investors and cash people here. This is a good bulletin to post buy and sell.

Local custom 2.5% buyer fee and listing fee is negotiable. Owner need to pay for it to get quick response. For small 2 br SFH I think it looks better without the clutter.
Sam Shueh

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Hi there. Not interested in buying another piece of property but here are some things to consider:

  1. Is this your primary home or an investment property? Be mindful that if investment and you are not exchanging for another that you will pay Uncle Sam for the capital gain. For primary of course you have the max 500k capital gain exclusion to help you out.

  2. Why are you selling? Just want to leave the Fab 7x7? Don’t want to rent it out for income source?

  3. I wouldn’t post your info in the general posting area but if someone sends you a private message maybe that might be way to let someone know about the property details.

  4. Obviously, MLS listing would gain maximum exposure with a good RE agent, but still I would negotiate very hard on the commission level. Don’t pay more than 5% max.

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  1. We have lived 2 out of the last 5 years here in this home so i think we are eligible for the 500k capital gain exclusion?

  2. Not breaking even on the rent currently and will not be for the next 6-7 years because of the debt on the house. I would rather not sweat it out month to month being a landlord even though long term i know for a fact this will be a good investment to keep.

  3. Yes, that makes sense sfdragonboy. If someone wants to PM me and give me their phone number i would be happy to discuss it with a conversation.

  4. I negotiated it to a 4% fee.

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Why would i pay the 2.5% fee if this is going to be a private sale with no agents involved? What am i missing here?

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He’s not referring to private sale. There are websites now that let you list on open auction format. Don’t know how popular they are.

4% is good. 3.5% will be better.

I also fear the market is softening right now and i would probably not get top dollar. The tenant has vacated and this would be a good opportunity for me to sell.


You might try nextdoor.com as well. Maybe some neighbors want to buy.

Any value add you can do? Reno etc?

Please, you have a vacant SFH for sale in the Fab 7x7. Stage it well and watch the money roll in. Don’t skimp on the prep and staging ok? I really believe it is worth it when done well. Def price it well, meaning go lower than higher of course. Nothing worse than a listing dying on the vine due to overpricing. Good luck! Tell us about the fireworks because I am expecting it. This city is fabooooolous despite the occasional poop and needle…

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Yes, we added a brand new bathroom and legalized some non legalized areas of the house making it a true 2 bed 2 bath. Also did a major kitchen reno 4 years ago and put in a covered porch.

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Thank you for the encouraging words sfdragonboy!
Can you please recommend some stagers that you or your friends/family have used in the past who have done a reasonably good job who do not charge an arm and a leg? We are also looking for painters who will help us paint the inside of the house.

i’m sorry, got a question, not related to your sale at all

Q. do you see a lot of poop in your area?

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I think you can do a “sell your own” listing with pics. But maybe you will get much less buyer pool from doing so. There’s a reason why people use agents, it’s for the exposure. Personally, I never look at those type of listings. If I really want something cheaply then I’d rather go to the court steps and do the bidding on foreclosures.

Shoot, I don’t know of any actual staging companies. I am assuming your agent should be able to provide you with several to choose from. I suppose if you are also looking at listings to get a feel of the market or to jockey into place if you see a nicely staged home, go and ask the RE agent for the contact. Good luck!!!

Best way to find a good stager is to browse listings online and contact listing agent for those that you feel are well staged. Ask for the stager’s contact details.