Looks to me good quick flip deal - Redwood City


Probably something wrong with the foundation. Looks like land value price.

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Bet the neighbors will be thrilled to have it change hands.

I heard about this house.
Foundation is the best part of the house. Everything is rotten (few years back you could see the ground while being inside the bathroom)
Also heard about offender in this house couple of years ago (can not find anything now on Meganslaw)
The entire lot used to be a big junkyard (many old cars , tires etc)
They cleaned up few weeks ago (i witnessed )

So… it’s rotten all the way.

Now - look at the house across the street.


Chinese (I believe) family bought the house - they flipped it (by themselves - no contractors, no subs) and sold it…


Hard to see how they made any money! Bad timing with a purchase in summer 2018.

Oh my!!!

I guess that explains why the REA thinks it’ll be a new build “Fabulous opportunity to build your dream home on this large 6K lot.”

Plus the long thin lots are tiny…

Here it is:


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