Los Altos Steal!

Too bad it’s not like getting an online price error and the company still honoring the price.

I don’t understand why this happens so much. How hard is it to enter the right price.

As I say that the price just changed.

I am not familiar with LA. 2.2M seems like a steal compared to PA, right? At least this house is livable as is.

How come high school is MV High? Does all of LA goes to MV High?

it will go more than 2.6M

No sorry, you guys missed the price mistake. It was originally listed for 298k!!!

And no, the western part of LA is Los Altos High.

That’s what I was going to say that 2.2M is still steal for Los Altos!

It would go as far as $2.8M

Living in Los Altos, anywhere, it is a $ privilege. Really,

Speaking of PA, I was chilling in the Johnson Park not far off University Ave. I heard quite a few planes went by. What’s the deal there? I didn’t know PA has plane noise???

There’s a small airport by Embarcadero and Hwy 101. I lived like a mile away from it, I never noticed it until one of the small planes crashed.