Los Angeles Too Is Becoming Unattainable For Young Folks




I’ve met a few people from SoCal recently. They moved here to escape the cost of living in CA. I also hear people talk about the cost of living in Seattle, and how they want to leave. I think there might be a mass migration of people throughout the country over the next 30 years. At least if people are practical enough there should be.


Our So Cal Team complains daily about the horrendous commutes down there. Even back then, I couldn’t wait to head North after UCLA.


While I’d agree that prices in California have gotten to ridiculous levels, there are SoCal areas that are commute friendly for both leisure and work that could be considered “affordable” - providing you work in a high wage industry. For anyone mid level ($50-70kpy) it’s not possible to live close in to many work centers. It would be great if places like Riverside or San Bernardino rolled out the red carpet for companies to relocate. Housing stock is plentiful there, and there are highly skilled workers in each County. Unfortunately, present leadership isn’t thinking of it’s future, only struggling by in the here and now.

If you work in tech, and wanted to have a close in drive to the office, here are a few examples for the NorCal audience to compare/contrast:

Google has a site in Orange County near the airport. You can get a 4br/3 Ba SFR within a 15 minute drive for about $800 - $950k

(I used the one below only because the realtard took a picture of a weed as a selling feature! (26 of 34).

Silicon Beach is another story. You’d have to spend $1m minimum for a “short commute home”. For a 1/2 hour each way commute, you’re back in the $800-$950k range

Orange County is building quite a bit of tech focused industrial and office buildings that are supportive of home prices ranging from the $700 to $800k range. They run about a 20-30 minute one way drive to the office.

heck, if you want a 45 minute commute to the Irvine area, but also prefer living in an Eichler - two are currently listed for sale (one with a Guest House!)

Yes, without question housing is terribly expensive. That said, given average incomes in tech (x 2 in many cases) t’s possible to buy with a measure of quality of life here in SoCal. For lower income buyers it means either condominium living, or housing compromises based on commuter locations.

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