Los Gatos / Saratoga vs Palo Alto / Mountain View / Los Altos

Thinking of moving to one of these two areas as they have a good style of private school we want our daughters in.

I know Mountain View / Palo Alto pretty well. Frankly I think I prefer Menlo Park and Redwood City to them (but too far from this school).

I feel like I may prefer LG and Saratoga vs PA because houses there are closer to wilderness / mountains. But I’ve only been to both a few times.

What do you think?

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How about Los Altos 10k+ lot homes? My preference is LA than Saratogo, LG and PA.

Los Gatos has a great downtown and is closer to Santa Cruz

Yeah Los Altos (not the hills) would also be close enough. I think I would prefer that to Mountain View or Palo Alto.

I like Los Altos, sleepy downtown though. Is Los Gatos better?

Los Gatos has the best downtown in the South Bay

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Between LA and LG, LA is far better with large lots, good schools and quiet location, near to main RBA (real bay area). LG has acres (mountain lots) but LA is flat ones, near to work places like google, facebook etc.

One clear benefit of LG is it’s significantly cheaper to buy or rent than PA and LA.

Cheaper and better quality of life. Need air conditioning though


When you have time visit places like this (Montalvo hills, nice areas)


Need TSLA to go to $1500 for that. Half is in IRAs so can’t touch it really for a long time

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Of all the towns mentioned, isn’t MV the most affordable and should have the most upside?

Not worried about upside, just where is best to live. For now.

I don’t see the upside to buying on Peninsula vs buying near beach in socal for the same price. Appreciation might be higher, but socal Beach is could be ideal place to live.

So I gather you are not moving to Austin any time soon?

Since you are doing private school, MV makes the most sense. Why pay a premium for the schools when you are going private schools? There’s also part of Sunnyvale near 85 that could be an option. Most people assume it’s Cupertino or Mountain View.

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+1 on LA. Those 10K lots with wide front yard give you much more peaceful setting.

My question on MV or LA vs LG/Saratoga would be do you need or want to travel to peninsula often? My vote would be LA or MV.

Prefer Los Altos. Nice flat lots. Great location with easy access to employers, the city, Stanford, SFO, and SJC.

If proximity to RBA is not important to you, Los Gatos is fantastic. But boy does the traffic suck on 85 if you are commuting to RBA every day.

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We’re in mv with LA schools. Lots arent 10k+ but pretty close to it. Most neighbors either walk to schools or take up private schools. A lot of Googlers.

With the exception of PA downtown, most jobs are reverse traffic. Both Apple and Netflix are within 15~20mins.


Nah was just an idea before, and only if we could live right by the lake.

My wife works at Stanford, will probably have to go to work a few times a week. I won’t have to do any for now, maybe a few days eventually.

Definitely Los Altos would be great, but not sure I want to pay the premium. If going public schools, would make sense.

Mountain View makes the most sense as a balance of commute and prices, but not as nice IMO. Further away from trees and hills.

What are the nicest neighborhoods of MV in terms of trees and quiet?

You can choose Emerald Hills, Redwood city, you will have calm mountain climate, large lot at a moderate price than Los Altos.

Elt1 lived EH for a long time, he is an expert for that location.

Whatever you buy, buy 10k+ lot and max size home in quiet locations, stay for long.