Malaysia is the Best Place to Retire

Low living costs are also part of Malaysia’s appeal. Jennifer Stevens, the executive editor of International Living, said foreign retirees often found incomes in their home currencies went a long way when converted into ringgit. Her Australian correspondent, who retired to the northern Malaysian state of Penang with his wife, rents a three-bedroom flat with a shared pool and gym for AU$1,263 (HK$7,888) a month – a fraction of what he would have paid in his home country.

“They eat out five nights a week, have a housekeeper who cleans for them; they’re enjoying a genuinely pampered retirement,” she said. “By contrast, back in Australia – where they started out – they’d be forced to live quite frugally on that amount.”

A house cleaner costs US$4 an hour and a meal from a hawker stall US$2-3.

The country’s affordable health care costs, sophisticated medical technology and multi-lingual medical professionals hold a particular appeal for those nursing ageing bodies.

A knee replacement in Malaysia costs about US$4,000 compared to US$45,000 or more in the US, while a hip replacement can cost as little as US$5,200 versus US$39,000 in the US.

@sfdragonboy needs to move to Malaysia.

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Wu QiJun says is exploitative :upside_down_face:

Huh? exploit the natives?

But no I wouldn’t retire in a third world country for sure. I’ll retire in Palo Alto :grin:

Why are they renting instead of buying? Is buying not allowed there?

I like Singapore. Very safe and good eats. But, have not been to Malaysia yet.

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Any concern about Muslim terrorists . Like the one who crashed the Malaysian airline?

It is definitely an idea to live there say a few months out of the year when we retire. Apparently, the chinese are moving into an area of Johor Bahru that my inlaws live. This area is fairly close to Singapore where my brother-in-law lives and I guess my mother in-law goes back and forth relatively easily to care for his kids at times. I def need to go there next time around to investigate and get a feel of the land and the people.

Dude you need to pick up your ass and go now. No excuses. :smiling_imp:

He has commitment issues. Can’t even break away from Comcast for Sonic…


No, remember we siblings are taking care of our elderly mother still and I need to log in a few more years to even qualify to BUY the company health coverage. That is the big ticket item we did not account for by changing employers but it is what it is. I am downsizing as quickly as I can but my contractor is such a damn perfectionist!!! He was showing me how he and his worker are laying down the hardwood yesterday and yes very nice but come on, I am paying you by the hour!!! Can’t complain, technically not licensed himself but completely fluent in the current building codes and knows how to deal with the inspectors for me.

Not saying you need to move away for good right now. But at least visit the place and maybe buy some properties?

Are you buying? The thinking is the low is in but rental is still weak.

The property market today is attractive for you to consider for your own home stay as prices have (rightfully) declined. However, if you are intending to buy a property to generate investment returns, you may be better off considering other property investment opportunities such as REITs or property developers themselves.

Malaysia long term is weak. I’d rarher buy in Hong Kong and China. But not now.

Too much political risk in Malaysia. Rent don’t buy.

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Well, due to said elderly Mom that is why I didn’t go with wifey last month for 3 weeks. Once I free myself some, I certainly do want to go back there and check it out for myself since my wifey honestly does not have the eye for it. I mean, if we were buying our Sunset home now, she would have said no due to the condition that the home was in at the time. Already, whatever I find in San Bruno, I think I will need to do some convincing since it will not be all dolled up.

Absolutely. Never buy in a Third World country. Especially in a country in which you don’t even understand the native language.

Never buy in a country with corruption & weak laws.

America is expensive, but for me, probably the place to retire & die.

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Besides it you want to find a place with a cheap cost of living there are plenty the USA. Look at yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Can buy a house near the gulf coast in Mobile Alabama for $112k… $25k less than 12 years ago…

I’m probably going to downsize from a small bay area house to a large san diego or somewhere-coastal (boston? etc) if i need money somehow :slight_smile:

No need to look that far… houses in the East Bay (Pittsburg and Antioch) are still below the peak from 12 years ago.

Corollary: great value to buy in those places.