Man Suspected of Stealing Underwear From San Mateo Open House

Push-up bras to be exact.

I hope that his boss and coworkers see the film :slight_smile:

This is mental illness, or sex crime? Since the value of the underwear is under certain number, they may not even charge him.

Hope she has expensive underwear so that he can be charged for theft :rofl:

But if he commits suicide, can his family sue the newspaper for privacy intrusion due to the video release?

Not an issue… His family is disowning him as we speak…

I watched the video just now for the first time. Not sure whether they can prove he stole it since the only evidence is the difference in his jacket.

Recording without consent is illegal. Is videotaping without consent is legal? If so, the homeowner might be in trouble as well.

Is it still illegal even if in your own home? Everyone has Ring cameras now recording their front porch. have yet to see anyone say it’s illegal or that videos shouldn’t be reposted. Only thing is people recommending not posting minors on ND.