Manch, Any Room In That Chinese Immersion School?

Geez, talk about the onslaught of the Chinese…they are relentless! But then again, when you are rolling in dough and you happen to like real estate anyway you probably ain’t buying more than a few Ferrari FXX Ks…

Give me some of that Chinese love… eh, I mean :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

See, stocks ain’t where it is. Any company can create more shares of stock but who can create land?

But over the last decade, real estate has become the one store of value that wealthy Chinese can count on. The government has been unable to curtail this trend, even as it touted the stock market, new IPOs, and backstopped falling equity prices in order to convince investors that the central bank had their backs.

The Chinese aren’t buying it. They’re buying fancy digs in the city instead.