Man's $1M Life Savings Stolen As Cell Number is Hijacked

Not very clear. Did the article say your number can be given to a hacker without your involvement?

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Yes. You will find out that someone took your SIM card when your phone reads “No serivce”.

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That’s right. Using text message as the second factor of the authentication has proved to be insecure. There are a number of ways things can go wrong. This is only one of them: SIM swap scam - Wikipedia.

So much for double authentication. Other than phone, your iOS devices and Mac would receive the secret code for change so you would know some jokers want to change your account.


I realize apple no longer use message authentication. It uses secured unit of the iPhone so changing sim won’t work :grinning:

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What does that mean? We iPhone users don’t need to worry about this scam?

Another phone scam.

Ben Shapiro?