Marc Benioff Battle Jack Dorsey On Homeless Measure



Now that the brilliant Bored of Stupidvisors want to remove Zuckerberg’s name from SF General, the city will need to charge for everything and anything…

Man, if I were Mr. Facebook, I would pull out of the lame Fab 7x7 COMPLETELY. Ok, you wanna play, SF Stupidvisors? How about I take all my jobs away from you? Stupid Aaron Peskin…


It’s anyone that lives within the “impacted area” or whatever they call it. You don’t have to be an owner. Renters can complain too.


In SF everyone complains. Less doers than whiners


Come on, these residents have more important things to do, like shoot up with heroin or figure out where their next meal is coming from. This project will sail through…


I will bet a bottle of Mt Gay rum there will be protests.


I will be shocked if it is an organized protest (large)…


Didn’t SF reject a 100% affordable housing project over a 2% increase in shadow on a park?


Probably, but again, this project involves a building that was shuttered (not new build) and it will go to really low income folks, not just folks who fit some guideline on lower incomes that actually are still decently high. This is the Tenderloin, people, not the Mission!!!