Marc Benioff Battle Jack Dorsey On Homeless Measure

Well, no one can say Marc doesn’t back it up…

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#supportDorsey :slight_smile:

I voted No. Great minds think alike… :rofl:

I thought Benioff had more vision thst just throw money at it. $300M wouldn’t make a dent.

Just take the 4700 homeless on vacation to Ohio.
$300m is $63k each, the money will go twice as far in Ohio or Indiana. And there is plenty of housing there.
Give the money in a trust to local governments there and they can administer the trust. They can house them incarcerate them or put them in rehab. Big boost to the local economy. The $300m is doing no good at all in SF. Just goes to non profits that waste it.

If you are sleeping on the street on drugs in SF you get a free bus ride to Cleveland and a $63k pension. Win win for everyone.

Better yet give me the money and I will start ELTown in Guyana…:sunglasses:

Jonestown meets burning man. Free drugs

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Not a good idea. Another 4700 homeless will show up from elsewhere once the first batch sent.

Qn is why won’t homeless from all over the country gather in SF+Bay Area once word gets out that life is great as a homeless person here with increased funding from measures such as Prop C & great weather(winters can be spent outside here unlike other places) & in addition one can poop as much as they like on the streets?


Not if they are automatically sent to Cleveland. Nobody wants to go to Cleveland

The homeless consider SF a sanctuary. Unless or until the city is willing to move them the problem will get worse


Uh, I think people in general have known this to be true for many moons now hence the increasing homeless population here. There were reported stories of cities buying Greyhound one way bus passes for people to come here. Think about it, the weather is mild and the City leadership is focusing on North Korea sanctions. If you or I had to do it, we could do it here. Imagine you had a tent (city sanctioned even), it is urban camping at its best. Yes, you may have to periodically move due to sweeps but well you just move to another site.

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If we make an analogy :

  1. Earlier - “Coffee”
  2. Now after Prop C - “Coffee & Toast”

Homeless Population will increase to match the increased budget.

A yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the city and county of San Francisco to fund housing and homelessness services by taxing certain businesses

So, throwing more money won’t solve it.,_California,_Proposition_C,Gross_Receipts_Tax_for_Homelessness_Services(November_2018)


Prop C passes overwhelmingly.

It won’t make a difference, so congrats on paying more to not fix anything.


Sure, throw more money at a problem. That always works, right? I can see it now in every place in the US, every homeless person is shooting to come here since it is truly the Gold Mountain that our ancestors heard about. Mountains of gold, waiting for your filthy, lazy hands…

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Mr. Salesforce is trying…

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Will neighbors fight it?

They shouldn’t… it was a closed hotel and it will be rehabbed. It is in the 'loin after all, not Pac Heights, so the neighbors shouldn’t be up in arms over this.


Neighbors fight everyone. The city should make appeals expensive. At least they could make money off of nimbyies

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Come on, this is the Tenderloin. Not many actual owners live here. What is there to complain about? We are not talking about hipsters in skinny jeans moving in here…

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Protesting is a SF sport. Should be fees attached. The city makes money off of homeowners and landlords. How about protestors too?

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