Mark Zuckerberg replacing 4 next-door Palo Alto homes

PALO ALTO – Four houses surrounding Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s home in Palo Alto will be demolished and replaced by smaller ones, according to an application filed with city planners Tuesday.

Zuckerberg bought the homes on Hamilton Avenue and Edgewood Drive in 2013 after he learned of a developer’s plan to build a house next door tall enough to have a view of Zuckerberg’s master bedroom.

Concerned about privacy, Zuckerberg paid more than $30 million total for the properties at 1462 Edgewood Drive and 1451, 1457 and 1459 Hamilton in the Crescent Park neighborhood.

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Don’t know why he doesn’t just annex them into one large acre lot for privacy.

Because that’d look too much like “old money” robber baron types?

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Uhm, I think he already looks like a “tech money” baron type. So what’s the diff? At least he neighborhood wouldn’t have to deal with the construction.

What a pain. He should just buy in Atherton for privacy and have a second address in Palo Alto for the schools. It’d shorten his commute too.

He might just want to experience the process… possible future disruption :slight_smile:

So I know some of the back story from an acquaintance who knows the person who sold his $5m home to Zuckerberg for $14m. Turns out he refused to accept a lower price because he had just completed an extensive $1m+ remodel on the property. Crazy to hear that they are going to tear it down now. What a waste…


UGH. He should’ve asked for $50M.

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Totally! I bet he could have gotten more but $14m and a 2 year free rent back while he built a mansion in Atherton isn’t bad.

Personally, I wonder why Zuckerberg can’t just buy curtains or move to Atherton or Los Altos Hills where he has land and everyone else is too rich to care what he is doing.

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The great dilemma. …no matter how rich or how hip…it is hard to balance urban living with privacy…Zucky can have both…A country estate in Atherton and his PA phoney BS…he can pretend to ride his bike back and forth…or be chauffeured around

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