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Depends. That means we can monetize well the properties we buy. Goog bought yt for less than a bill, but now it is generating a lot of money. Similar to instagram.

If you noticed, gmail is currently THE email provider, yet you dont see much ads on it. It is for a reason.

Yt has plenty of room for extra monetization with ads

Google is getting into cars with android auto - combine that with location ads, it is another revenue source for you.

Google home is getting better every day(i am a bear overall on home assistants due to privacy, but that is probably just me).

Things i dont like: still no clear strategy on google music produxts (google play mjsic, yt music etc). Our create many messenger apps, see which one sticks (i think hangouts have great potential, but it is just that a potential), lack of premium yt model (yt red is mediocre at best).

To be honest with you, i would love to see google diversifying away from ads.


Show me the money :grinning:


Also… FB and google are alike.

FB: O&O property is the social network facebook. Main money maker, created by FB itself.
GOOGLE: O&O property is the search product. It was created by google itself.

FB: Acquired instagram, whatsapp etc.
Goog: Acquired Doubleclick, google drive predecessor, etc.

Google has very diverse set of products. FB better do it.


Is there any in-person meetup happening in near future. Would love to meet up with a few more of you guys.


I have a lunch date with @hanera in 2023. One of us will be buying dim sum lunch. :hugs:


You guys should have a lunch date every single day. Two FIREed people with nothing better to do.


May be there should be a meet up for the over 50s :slight_smile:



I’m underaged but would like to join :slight_smile:


I met up with @wuqijun recently! It was to talk about investing in his flipping business. We decided it wasn’t the right thing for me at this time but I learned a lot from the conversation.


Why don’t you write up what you learned? @wuqijun isn’t generous enough to let us all know his secret sauce. :smiling_imp:


My secret recipe is safe with @lulu :grinning:


I joined one meetup, and it was fun. hanera, bajacket, me, wuqijun and one more was there. Sorry - just cant remember. It was at bjs.

Is wqj taking investments?


Only 4. The fifth could be a ghost? :scream:


We should forbid the use of screaming emoji, like you were saying.


About him or RE?


About you, and your list :slight_smile:


Only @manch is forbidden because he overused it everytime to forcast an imaginary stock market dive.


Lulu is a RE bear.

“I’m predicting 20-30 percent fall in Bay Area real estate prices and 60% drop in stock market in next 2 years.”

I doubt she will invest in anything. I wonder what she thinks of Wuqijin?




@manch when are we heading down to East Lake? :slight_smile: