Market Cap Watch


Apple: 816.5B
Google: 776.0
Microsoft: 706.7
Amazon: 689.1
Facebook: 552.9
Tencent: 518.8
Alibaba: 480.6

Amazon should jump over Microsoft any day now. Tencent falling behind Facebook once again. Apple and google pretty close.


Add jd to this list.


JD is not even 100b. Too small.


not yet. write it down.


Why are you so gun ho on JD?


Growing e-commerce play which also owns last mile delivery. I listened to a presentation at google about value investing organized by someone i trust, he brought an external speaker. I was sold on it.


Please share the list of promising e-commerce counters.


Interesting. I share your optimism on JD, a company very few outside of China know. JD is the equivalent of Amazon in China, Alibaba operates more like eBay.

What other companies did that Google event talk about?


I will try to find the presentations. The organizer brought value-investors every once in a while, i joined only the last one before he left google to become a fund manager. I will see what i can dig.


This was the organizer, a colleague of mine.


Now we know how much tomato earns.


i am not data scientist :slight_smile:


you better throw a random number at this point. you have little info.


@manch apparently the guy that gave the talk at google put the material on seeking alpha:


Cool! Let me read it.


Ok. Just read theu the slides. Good stuff.

Like him I think we small investors’ only edge is our different time horizon. Professional money managers are graded every month. We are not. And that’s the only edge we have.

JD is my only 10x candidate right now. If Alibaba grows to 1T it’s not unreasonable for JD to be half as big. Roughly 8x from current level. JD is really tencent’s retail arm. Tencent is their biggest shareholder. Bigger even than Richard Liu the founder but has less voting right.

People outside of China often make the mistake thinking that Alababa is china’s Amazon. Actually it’s more like china’s eBay. JD is even more Amazonian than Amazon. It owns it’s own vast delivery team, and Liu was taking about floating it as a separate company to unlock value. It also operates its huge fulfillment center network like amazon.


This is all value investing is all about. Good thing google has people organizing these talks. I will certainly follow it and pass along what comes from there to this list. I don’t have time to look into everything, but i am willing to invest some of my time look into filtered companies.

The hard thing for me about JD was it’s foreign - so i cannot go into website, and do my smell test (is user experience superb?) In there i am trusting other people to basically tell me if it is the case.

Xiaomi, Tencent, JD are the companies i heard so far. Everyone seem to love xiaomi too. Depending on their IPO price, that might also be a good one to give shot.


Xiaomi seems to be IPO’ing in Hong Kong though. Maybe someone can create some unofficial ADR for American investors.


I thought Alibaba is also building fulfillment centers and delivery fleet? If true, won’t that threaten JD?


Median total pay:

Senior software engineer 265k
Staff software engineer 418k

If a senior SE married a staff SW, total pay would go up to 683k. How much mortgage does 683k typically get? Theoretically bank can approve a 6M loan