Martinez for investment?

How is the area for investment? Area in the border of concord around 680 and highway 4 seems to be more commutable compared to the rest of the city. How is the jobs,demographics, renter profiles,crimes and pros/cons of the area. Schools seem to be decent.
There could be some upside in appreciation in the next few years, as people get priced out of the mainland BA., Zillow says 2800 rent


I rarely stopped by Martinez. Maybe only once, it seems a quaint town with a white majority.

Is it good for commuting to any job centers?

Very interesting question! It looks like that 4-plex will have pretty positive cashflow. But why Martinez and not Concord or Walnut Creek? Concord has BART. WC has lots of local businesses. Pleasant Hills’ schools are pretty decent if I remember right.

Walnut Creek’s properties are much more expensive than Martinez because the location is more desirable. Concord is probably better commute-wise compared to Martinez. If you are investing in Martinez might as well go even further out to Bay Point/Pittsburg where the BART ends.

I have invested in Martinez, Concord, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Antioch, the whole enchilada. Boy o boy, has it been a fun ride. These neighborhoods are all fine and dandy to invest in. All positive cash flow and laughing all the way to the bank. No brainer investments! They have not yet even gone back to the pre-crash highs…

Did you flip? Or did you buy rentals in those towns? What do you say are the difference between the towns?

I bought a whole bunch as rentals and also flipped and flipped and flipped. Although it is getting so hard to flip these days because of superlow inventory. They don’t have much of a difference between them. All very fine! If you have a lot of money Martinez and Concord are a little more high end. Otherwise stick with Pittsburg and Antioch. Can’t go wrong.