Master Flipper sleaze ball

I am getting a kick out watching Armando on Under Cover boss…He makes maybe $10m yearly flipping…But $65m/year fleecing his seminar students…Some pay $50k for info you can find for free…Finally this sleazeball is being sued…He will loose just like the Donald.

was at a “bus tour” after the 1 day freebie & the $1400 3 day workshop. I didn’t pay for it, but went to assist someone else that wanted his money to do something for him. The option he chose, the full package, included 3 separate events, bus tour, asset protection and cash flow. For the money he paid, we thought it should include hotel and travel expenses, both of which are your responsibility. The first event was over $900 just for the hotel. We also thought they might have considered choosing a less expensive hotel for students, who are not yet “millionares”. Even with the Armando discount, it was still expensive for a construction worker. Looking at a LOT of the people in the conference room and speaking with some of them at this $149/night hotel, I could see many were similar to us. Regular people with regular jobs not really affording them of luxuries. I was a little skeptical but I payed attention. Took lots of notes. Then pictures of the slides because there wasn’t time to write it all down. This was the case with each event. I attended the final one alone. When it was all over, I realized I hadn’t gotten any real new information and felt it was just wasted time and of course, the money for accomodations. On top of Armando’s “teaching”, there were other people I’d refer to as vendors, that got on stage to plug their services as necessary to run and protect our new business venture. We were told to incorporate in NV, apply for credit cards, ask for increased credit lines on existing cards, sign on to the lawyers services, CPA services and open IRA’s to partner with on the buying end. In the end, I have been able to find ALL of the education I need at the library in the form of books. FREE. I’ve since been on a few webinars that opened my eyes quite a bit. Sad.« less

Why would anyone ever attend real estate seminars is beyond my comprehension. But to actually PAY for one, now that’s a whole new level of stupidity…


Selling the dream. People pay to hear speakers all the time. They are called conferences. Sing. Dance. Play sports. You name it.

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Yes, just like donating money to the church for peace of mind with God… :slight_smile:

He is selling the allure of sucess…He is a predator. .He targets loosers with no brain and no hope…Uses high pressure sales tactics and his star power…

Come on, this guy is the classic con man…

Yes, he knows nothing about investing but preaches it to people all the time. He famously called the stock market recovery of 2009 a “dead cat bounce”.

Well, this dead cat has been bouncing for 8 years and bouncing ever higher still…

I used to watch Armando’s show…Flip this House, in San Antonio. .It was a comedy…He would spray lawns with green paint to look healthy…He would beat on his subs and get them to work for nothing…He even had interns working for free…He was an endearing sleazeball…He has reached a new level of sleaze now…He lost his latino wife, replaced with a bottle blonde bimbo, has toally bloated up from drug abuse and has become totally delusional…Actually believes the shit he spews…A latino Trump…Divorced the wife, sued his brother and looks like he is headed to an early grave at only 47…Karma is a bitch…

Greed. “stupidity” haha, you’re an arrogant dick :grin:, have some passion :sweat_smile:, they lost hard-earned money :expressionless: they don’t want to born stupid and ugly, not everybody are born wise and suave like you.

The higher class version is called hedge fund managers :grin:

Wait… you just called them stupid and UGLY! Now, that brings the accusation to a whole new level! :slight_smile:

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Armando’s students…:sunglasses: