Match crashes. Anyone buying?

Getting killed by another one in my portfolio: Facebook. :joy:

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That was only a matter of time. Although, will people really want to use FB for dating? I always thought a good percent of people on dating sites are actually in relationships or married. It’d be hard to hide that if people can see your FB profile.

Scrolling down, you’ll see events in your city and groups related to your interests. When you unlock an event, you’ll unlock the profiles of the people using the dating service who are also attending the event. Presumably, they’ll be able to see your profile at that point too.
To start a conversation with another person, you’ll share a photo from their profile. “This will encourage, we hope, a more meaningful interaction,” said Cox.
If the user decides to respond, they’ll send a private message conversation that isn’t connected to WhatsApp or Messenger and is text-only "as a safety measure.

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That seems to be location based dating that facebook’s doing?

I’m buying. I sold almost all my match stock at 160-180% gain so why not.

Fb is not good at innovating in-house. Unless they acquired someone (I didn’t read article) then I’d bet it won’t do well.


Sorry @manch :frowning:

I think it will recover. I just bought in a little.

Nah it’s fine. Don’t feel bad. :smile:

Adding dating service could have an adverse effect on FB. What if the dates go sour and/or the other person is actually a stalker or something and then these people wind up deleting their accounts?

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I actually think yelp could be a good dating service. If two people keep going to that darn chicken wing shop
they must be pretty compatible.


You don’t know what the product will look like.

I assume it would provide “anonymous account” feature, for example. I am worried about crawlers though :smiley:

We need some single people try it out and tell us what it’s like. Would be especially good if we have female testers. :smile:

@manch create an account. Just put up a picture of a woman :slight_smile:

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I second this :smile:

I’d need to borrow @harriet’s picture then. :smiling_imp:

Show one show all… :rofl:

Here you go. Don’t blame me if Mark closes your account :wink:


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:scream: that scared me… :scream: