Mea Culpa

I told you a few days ago that flooding on coyote creek would not affect anyone except the homeless on coyote creek. Besides them it has now flooded Los Lagos golf course on Capitol Expressway and residential areas between it and Happy Hollow zoo. Northbound 101 is now flooded between Cochrane and Bernal. That’s the only time I’ve seen it happen since coming to San Jose in 1980.


Is this proof the Bay Area is over populated? In a normal year, there’s not enough rain to sustain the population. If there is enough rain, then it causes tons of problems with infrastructure that can’t handle it.

This is the video of that disaster…

I think it’s related to areas being full of trees, vegetation, then being developed for real estate. These are higher areas and they are prompt to develop mud slides and whatnot.

Basically, too much water at once.

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The BA is overpopulated with liberal environmental nazi nimbys. .If there were a few more pro growth pro infrastructure types we wouldn’t have the problems we have today…The politics of no have come home to roost. …


No kidding. Highest taxes, worst infrastructure. My HOA is doing San Mateo Co’s job on county owned streets clearing county owned culverts because the county can’t get to it (it should have been done BEFORE the rainy season). Remember when parts of Palo Alto flooded in '98? Again, unmaintained waterways.

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More raining coming!
Grab your canoe and paddles!

9:30 P.M. - February 21, 2017

EVACUATION ADVISORY for the entire area along Coyote Creek, north of 280 and south of 237

Due to current and continuing flooding, this is an EVACUATION ADVISORY for the entire area along Coyote Creek, north of 280 and south of 237. It is important to evacuate to the homes of family or friends, or to one of San José’s two designated evacuation centers at:

Mayfair Community Center located at 2039 Kammerer Ave and
Shirakawa Community Center at 2072 Lucretia Ave

Overnight shelters are open at James Lick High School, 57 N. White Rd and
Evergreen Valley High School, 3300 Quimby Rd.

I have been plowing my street in Tahoe for my apartments. .The city does nothing…their plows sit idle…Meanwhile city storm water is flooding many houses due to snow berms that are not promptly removed by the city…

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I am close to that orange flood zone, about 400 feet. :flushed:

I got off work (downtown San Jose) at 10pm last night. I got on 101 for my normal 10 minute commute home and encountered near gridlock. I got off at 880 and took surface streets home (10 st to Tully). I saw this morning that 101 was flooded at Mckee Road and that it was down to one lane and cars were creeping through the one lane. I understand it was closed for a while. But on the plus side it did not stop anyone who wanted to come to gamble. :slight_smile:

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And neither those going to drink at the bar.

Who knew that small little creek with barely any water in summers can flood? Everybody was caught off guard.

Highway 50 near Pollock Pines is falling apart, may have to be closed for months…Not good for South Tahoe’s economy. …Great for locals. .no traffic. .we will have the place to ourselves
North Shore will get all the traffic…

Squaw valley now has a 20’ base of snow…It is a season for the ages. Will stay open till July 4.