Meet the voters who could decide the next election - Axios

Will the #NeverHillary soccer moms help Democrats to take over the Congress in 2018? They voted for Obama and Trump, who will they vote this year?

“The most important voter in the 2018 election, the new Soccer Moms, will be #NeverHillary Independents — and they’re key to Democrats for taking back the House.

Who they are: The #NeverHillary Independents supported Barack Obama and Donald Trump for a similar reason: They wanted change. They saw their worldview reflected not on cable news, but in sitcoms like Roseanne.“

Meet the voters who could decide the next election - Axiose

Btw, Axios was founded after Trump’s win. Is it part of Bernie team?

Didn’t you read Hillary’s book? Their husband will tell them how to vote.

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My Russian wife hates politics. She votes whatever way I suggest.

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So it really was the Russians!


I think Putin’s style has mass appeal. He is just better at it than Trump… lol

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