Metaverse aka Omniverse, Mixed Reality, The Matrix

Omniverse :money_mouth_face:

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U is hot again.

Apple Is Quietly Worrying About its Answer to the Metaverse

Is it because of Generative AI or impending launch of Apple Mixed Reality headset?

Waiting :wink:

In short: art, communication, “creative” applications, and corporate environments, Cook told GQ.

Everybody gets it. We want it. Just show it to us.


Sure? $3000. I have to get at least one to try because I am an AAPL investor. You don’t have to.

The expectation is high. Industry is hoping Apple can accelerate the adoption of this product category. It is expected it won’t look like any on the market now.

If it’s $3K it will need some persuasion. But even today a top of the line iPhone is over $2K. So $3K is not that much in comparison. The only question is will it do cool things.

Thanks to this economic opportunity, Roblox’s developer base has already expanded “from hobbyists to people who make a living on the platform, to people who build studios, to people who build studios with a hundred people or more, to people who raise venture financing to build a studio,” says cofounder and CEO David Baszucki.


Metaverse :+1:

According to Jensen, the next gold rush after AI is omniverse aka metaverse/ mixed reality. You know what to do :slight_smile: especially for those who miss the early AI gold rush.

He also believe buying the lottery ticket and luck will find you :wink: