#MeToo spreads to housing: Bay Area renters accuse landlords of sexual harassment

Chau, a 39-year-old contractor for Facebook, says she lived for nine years without issue in her top-floor apartment in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood, blocks from the Legion of Honor. Then in 2015 Gregg Molyneaux, her landlords’ son and new property manager, moved into the unit below hers.

Molyneaux, who was in his 60s, began harassing her soon after, Chau alleges in a September lawsuit she filed against him and his parents in San Francisco County Superior Court, for claims including sexual harassment, wrongful eviction, violating San Francisco’s rent ordinance and breach of warranty. In frequent text messages, he called her “hot stuff” and “sexy,” and asked to spend “private time” with her in her apartment, according to copies of the messages reviewed by this news organization.

Once, while he was in her apartment to fix a clogged sink and broken stove, Molyneaux told Chau he’d like to come up and have sex with her sometime, according to the lawsuit. On another occasion, after shaking her hand, he pulled her in close as if for a kiss, Chau claims.

So the landlord’s son is already in his 60s? I wonder how old that landlord is… :smile:

If the genders were reversed, this would have led to a firing and protests. Instead, nothing happens.

I think that’s a publicity stunt. You shouldn’t read into it too much.

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Someone in the white house is telling you here, here! :rofl: