Mexican immigrant deported 5 times- not guilty in shooting case


My parents are coming to visit over Xmas and New Years and I am already “preparing them” for what they are going to witness in SF… it’s embarrassing that we have to “apologize” for SF. what a shame


San Francisco has been a mess since the hippie invasion in the 60s. But now it is institutional mess with each group having its own power structure…
I blame liberal guilt, nimbyies and rent control.
Imagine if SF was rebuilt like a Chinese city, where they tear every thing down and start fresh…It could be transformed in 10 years to be the most modern city in the world… Of course Manhattanization has always been a dirty word in California… But many think Manhattan is the greatest place on earth. And only in dense cities does public transportation work… which is the only solution to the current traffic problems


Yes, should you take them onto BART or Muni subway, prepare them for the urine scented ambiance on the escalators (if working) and be sure to step around the homeless that are sleeping openly in the various Hotel BART stations…

Maybe I should merge my “The Fabulous 7x7” and “Everything Is Going Down The Toilet” threads…

Sooooo lame…


I repeat, follow the advise of the leader of “I bring data so you don’t get emotional” :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


Oh…the first responders to the call from the fatal “attack=highway accident” points to the 2 BP agents in Texas being run down by a truck.

We need to stop using trucks, bad, they kill people. No, it’s people the bad, wait, I got lost! :roll_eyes:


Sure, and why not a 1 bedroom SOMA condo with the monthly rent and HOA paid for by the SF taxpayers ?


How about a mansion in Presidio Terrace paid for by Dianne??? :rofl:


Nothing about the bay area surprises me anymore. Does anyone follow the stuff that goes on at UC Berkeley? It’s insane.


I’m a graduate of UCB and nothing happening there can surprise me… :laughing:


What’s happening there anyway?


The school is being sued for suppressing free speech of conservative groups.

Minority students protested in class exams as being racist. Minority students should get take home exams while while students take exams in class.

They had a protest where students demanded segregated safe spaces for students of color. Yeah, let’s go backwards by decades back to segregation.

Then they’ve had the riots by the “peaceful” liberals.


I’m also a person of color… power to me!!! :rofl:


Just wait. They’ll come for you and your Asian privilege. All it’ll take is raising awareness that Asians have a higher education and income level than whites.


Not worried one bit!!!

  1. Everyone already knows Asians are tech geeks
  2. I’m not in school anymore

Not worried until people are being taxed at a different rate due to racial background… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I hope it does haunt not only Gascon’s pathetic career but the whole District Attorney office…what a major screw up on this case…


Sorry, we all would like to blame The Donald for everything but this one was on you, buddy… It was perfectly obvious that a murder charge was never, ever, going to happen. Stevie Wonder would have saw that coming…


The Feds are not going to let up…




Its amazing that they couldn’t convict him of involuntary manslaughter.


I believe if the jurors exonerated him from involuntary manslaughter, they shouldn’t charge him with felony weapon possession. From my understanding, if this guy picked up a loaded gun and pointed to the general direction of a crowd, which caused the killing of an innocent person, this is enough for involuntary manslaughter.

But the jurors apparently believed he didn’t do any of this. Why did they charge him with weapon possession then? Do they have enough evidence the defendant intended to possess the weapon? Maybe he just wanted to dispose it so nobody got hurt? Maybe the weapon discharged automatically when the defendant was nearby and he merely wanted to keep other people from getting hurt by disposing the gun. He should have been a hero. The jurors were inconsistent in their verdict.

The problem in this case is not in the prosecution. Involuntary manslaughter would be the appropriate charge. The juror didn’t do their job.