Micron is bombed, anyone buying?

What the title says :slight_smile:


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I bought a few, double what I bought yesterday.

Not a real bomb. It just backtracked to the price from a week ago.

7% price drop is still significant.

Trading higher than the price I sold. So is not a bomb.

I mainly exited the market again early last week. Just holding on to a couple of things as I anticipated the nonsense that has been brewing the last few days with tariffs and what not. Sad to say Trump is becoming predictable. I expect we will go through this for another couple of days and then he will swing in the other direction. So i plan to buy some stocks again maybe early next week.

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Just buy some everyday.

There’s a strong “Chinese consumer” narrative brewing in Asia markets. Japanese cosmetics, some HK retailers catering to mainland tourists are going gangbuster. An old Canadian jacket maker Canada goose is making ATH after ATH.

There’s more to the market than just tech.


This goose has a PE higher than Facebook and google. :smile:

Still adding MU?

Out of the blue?

Got shaken out long ago. Looking for a time to get back in.

P/E pretty low these days.

And keeps getting lower.

Recently flew MU and thought about it :joy:

I see the points many analysts are putting forth about MU.

Here is the CEO, few days before, telling that they meet lower end of forecast

It means appx 7.9 Billion, while last qtr results are $8.44 Billion. This is where the issue that the revenue (and revenue growth) is getting reduced. This means they crossed peak cycle of demand.

Here you see the financial metrics how clearly show the down cycle. BTW: The stock went up after the announcement and it may also go up tomorrow or near future, but long term holding is doubtful

This kind of analysis takes me appx 2 hours time to understand the details (laborious task of reading qtrly reports).

I only do few companies I focus before deciding to buy or not to buy. I just did MU this afternoon.

Presume you are saying not to buy for long term. How long is long? AFAIK, the semi industry is cyclical, so there should be a time to buy :slight_smile: If not now, when? 1, 2 or 3 years later? What are the signals to look out for?

No idea, but I see it is not worth buying or holding until turn around.

Buy Boise RE instead