Micron Technology, My new pick for year 2018


VR is dead end. AR is hot.


Proof? I have yet to see either.


AR is already on your iPhone and android phone.


Doesnt mean much, does it? Most phones doesnt have it still, and it might turn out just another fluffy project that dies.


We already saw a massively popular AR app: Pokemon Go.


Let me know when it becomes mainstream.
Pokemon go WAS NOT an AR app. First things people did was to turn off the camera, because it was terrible, and didn’t add much to the game itself.


So @tomato you are a bear on Micron? I need bears. All bulls and no bears makes a toppy market.


Nah, I just don’t buy the AR hypothesis, that’s it. I am bull on Micron.


7 days ago.

Presume you don’t know. Now I am surprised how you determine is a secular good thing.


It’s only an educated guess. I think you should stay away from micron. It’s dangerous.


Am always surprise investors don’t do some estimation of future demand and supply. Merely looking at current demand and supply is not good enough for investment. May be enough for trading.


Enough for me but definitely not enough for you. Stay away.


Tradeable :grin:


Wait, is manch bear on mu? I missed that.


He doesn’t like people who disagree with him especially pointing out flaws in his judgement.


No, I am fine. But why should I “convince” anyone of a stock? And to disclose insider information on an anonymous forum? Seriously? Well I don’t have any. Just do your own homework.

Let’s switch side. Convince me of a bear case on Micron.


I’m clueless. Just want to understand the basis of your bullishness :rofl:


I don’t really believe in trading. Better stick with something you understand, like AAPL.


Also don’t believe trading as a way to build wealth. Entertainment :grin: Thought you knew that already.
Second statement is red herring, this thread is about MU. Btw, I don’t trade AAPL. Already bought and is holding (hopefully forever). Thought you knew that also.


One of the replies analyzing Micron Technology.