Mid Century Modern in Oakland Hills

Walk score does nothing for me. My mom and dad though, they love to walk to shops because they don’t know how to drive. But seriously with all the instant delivery options why walk when you can have them hand delivered to you like a king?


It will impact you one day, trust me. Some of us who care for our senior parents will attest to how much work it can be so imagine if someone is alone and do not have the help of others. Yes, delivery services popping up def help but you still have to go to out and do things.

The trend is towards more online shopping, not less. If old people 20 years ago living in suburb can manage that, hard to imagine seniors 20 years in the future will have any problem.

It will get easier and easier. Darn, I don’t even want to go 2 blocks down to Walgreen when I can click on Amazon and have stuff magically show up on my door. Starbucks should seriously look into delivering coffee to people.

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Well, I seem to recall from my Econ 1 class that technology was supposed to save us and we would have more leisure time. What happened? If anything, it seems like we are working even harder than ever…

A truly horrid mid century. .Green, gold and orange…and gratuitous rocks everywhere…for less than $2m


Hey, what part of Oakland Hills is Napa???

It is all in the mysterious East Bay. …Typical 60s crap…doesn’t even have a garage for $1.9m

Love the windows but would be worried about sheer strength and heating

The windows or more accurately the absence of structure are the best features. .The view is worth more than the house…Tear it down and build something to enjoy the view…