Mid Century Modern in Oakland Hills


4 Bed 3 Bath 2400 ft. Asking 979K. I love it…

Yes, very nice home but the walk score is pretty low so you will have to drive everywhere. May be fine while you are young but wait until those eyes go…

I think the outside is ugly. But I do like the open bean construction.

A higher drive score means less foot traffic means less likely to have a burglary or breakin. That’s fine with me.

I’d just want to know bike score… I mean, is it bikable without having to go up or down a 45 degree hill? :slight_smile:

High drive score means better neighbors in Oakland…less driveby shootings…lol
This hoyse us priced $200k under market…tpucal realtor bs

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I agree the outside looks a bit weird. I was just reminded once again East Bay has lots of interesting housing options, and prices are much, much more affordable than west of the bay. I don’t mind low walking score either. In fact I think I’d rather have a low walking score. Easy for me to walk around also means it’s easy for random weirdos walking around. Not a fan of random people walking past my house.

Driving on hilly roads though, that can be tricky, especially at nights and bad weather.

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Yup! Back when I moved here, I was asking a retired police officer about what areas were safe, and he said “The easiest way to tell is by foot traffic. The higher the foot traffic, the more crime.” Certainly makes sense. No one’s going to steal your car or your bike if they don’t see it first.

In the good old days curvy hilly streets comanded a premium. …they meant exclusivity, views, class…Now everyone wants to walk to a Starbucks…sorry crap…like Joan Rivers would say…Gag me with a spoon…

Tell me that when you are 65 and can’t drive anymore. That is why single floor houses are so popular too. Hey we all get old at some point and I wouldn’t want to move at that age

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You mean 85 and can’t drive anymore (actually, I know a 91 year old who drives). And there are services for elderly people who can’t drive and need a ride. I think when I’m 85, a spectacular view during tea time and a driver will make me happy :slight_smile:

When you are 85 you wont want walk gto Starbucks either…Enjoy the house in the hills…Buy a rental condo with an elevator for your old age

Sold. 1.3M. More than 300K over asking.

Darn, that’s a good looking house!

Nice, keep it up Oakland…

See, homes in the hills are not as coveted anymore…


Is value really about walk score…Or are people to lazy to cook…And just need resturants and starbucks close to home??

No doubt, some of it is laziness but I for one really appreciate having grocery stores and businesses near my home. I can walk and get all of my goodies without getting into a car and sitting in traffic. Keep in mind again, we all get old and when you can’t physically do things as simple as go to the grocery store anymore you will understand why homes with great walk scores should be commanding higher prices. Same thing with single floor ranch style homes. Highly underrated, but when you get old you don’t want to climb too many stairs. Convenience = Priceless

Definitely agree with you on one story homes…Old ranchers never appealed to me but now they are coming into their own…not too many in SF…lol…unfortunately most are in low walk score neighborhooods…except in Stockton…lol

I like that this one is in the hills but actually has a flat backyard - that is rare for that area

The ultimate house is one story, on a knoll with a 360 view, flat yard, and a starbucks one block away…lol

I don’t drink coffee…gives me a lot more options on where to live…Starbucks, the biggest drug dealer in America, lol