Midwest Arctic Blast


THanks for posting that! That was the one I was thinking of.


“Atmospheric River” is another new one. Usually refers to fronts coming across the Pacific which are wetter and warmer than the ones coming down from the north. In the 70’s this pattern was common and those storms were dubbed “Pineapple Express.”
The Stanford campus used to be covered with pepper trees. Now there are very few. They were nearly all killed in a single early or mid-70’s event which dropped temperatures into the low teens.


I remember that frost. Killed most BA Eucalyptus trees and many others from Australia like pittosporum. The national guard provided trucks to haul off debris. I was a kid but had a lot of fun with a chainsaw.


We are having Snowmageddon in Tahoe.10-15’ BS predictions. Hopefully it will keep the tourists away. 1” and they have chain control. 1’ and they close the road. People don’t know how to drive like in the good old days.


I’ll get 8" or so in the next three days here in Strawberry. Tomorrow it rains, then it snows for two days. Still - a tiny place like this with modest taxes and a small tax base and they still get all the roads plowed. Might take a day after it stops to get to my little lane. Looks like I’m parking at the top of my driveway Tuesday and Wednesday.


We have had 1’at my house. Maybe another 1’ to go. White out blizzard conditions. Not safe to drive.


I have about 6” of snow here. It was just 50 out.


Highway 50 and 89 closed. Avalanche control. Can hear the explosives. Heavenly closed early.


Did you guys just get hail??? It was totally awesome.




Not quite 10’. But time to shovel.


Shoveling done.
Sun is out. 3’ of powder up top. Time to go skiing


Beautiful elt1!!!


Got caught in the storm in I-80 west while coming back from Ski trip. Got out 2 hours before they closed the highway. Resort is showing 34 inches of snow in last 24 hours.


New storm for this weekend. 2’ at the lake and 4’ -5’ up top. Best skiing ever this season.


We’re getting more. People are clearing our grocery stores.


Portland is weird.


You should learn from them to prolong your lifespan.


Keep your Tesla in the Bay Area