Midwest Arctic Blast


My view today. Another shitty day in paradise :sunglasses:

Tourists are stuck. Roads closed.
I am staying home


How come you live on the CA side of the lake?


Because I can have a boat dock with access to the lake for one third of the price of Nevada lake front. I pay CA tax no matter what. Most of my rentals are in Ca.


Most of this missed me. Just one day of being stuck. Well, and this morning until about noon. Only a thin layer of snow but temps in the 20’s and Strawberry’s famous sloping, canted “deadmens curve” not positioned to get direct sun for a couple hours yet. UPS guy had to shovel himself out of that curve last Wednesday after getting stuck. All it takes is a thin layer of ice and it’s undriveable. Wheels just spin. He got in (the downward direction) and made his deliveries but couldn’t get back out again.


I hate shoveling snow and chipping ice off. I can never live in snowy areas.


Shoveling snow is part of our CrossFit program. Shoveling for upper body, skiing for lower body. Saves gym membership fees.