Might Want To Check To See If CA Has Some Of Your Unclaimed Cash

Remember me, ok???

I have $200 the they are holding for me from BofA. They have my SS# because it is from the bank but they said that can’t refund it unless I can show some documentation from my former address, which I don’t have anymore. This was from 1985.

Would something from say your old landlord at that address work?

Wait, any way BofA can get you a copy of an old bank statement? I know, that is a long time ago…

I’ll check with them.

Did you pay for utilities yourself? Can PGE go that far back?

Hey, would a copy of your income tax return from the IRS from that timeframe work?

I actually owned a townhouse back then on Summerplace dr.

Hmm, old property tax bill? Come on, old tax records?

(Can’t believe I am wracking my brain over your 200 clams… must be a slow day :laughing:))

That’s super odd. it lists us as having money, but they are all places we still do business with.

That’s annoying. I have $17 from the insurance policy where I lived when I first moved to CA. I can’t claim electronically, since I didn’t own the property. Why would the state have the insurance policy refund?

I guess the insurance company couldn’t find you, so legally it couldn’t hold or keep the cash. The thing that is stupid about all this money is that, hey, you got the freaking social security number Cali so as long as the person with that social security number can provide that part of it to you, you should be able to release the cash with no problem. Ridiculous and typical bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. Why would anyone have documentation that goes back 20 or more years? Stupid…

I’m still with the same insurance company so maybe I should just call them.

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The fact that it already relinquished it to the good old State of Cali might be too late, no? Or, maybe they can provide you with what you need to get it back from Cali.

Damn, if you get it, don’t spend it all in one place now…

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I call this list odd. But maybe these are checks I simply forgot to cash.

So you found some lost money? Original poster (informer) gets a cut…:wink:

Hrm. I’ll keep it in mind. :slight_smile:
It’s all of $14 though.

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So, what are you thinking, a duplex or SFH investment place???:laughing:

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The lucky I am, I may find out I owe the government $. :rofl:

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My $200 from BofA was from a class action suit and was a settlement. I no longer had an account there.

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Found $36.67!

Dinner for me, on me.

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