Millbrae or SF?

Looking to start a family in the next year or so. I currently rent in Inner Sunset. I’ve been searching in SF and Millbrae, but I just can’t decide. There is hardly any inventory in Millbrae, and vicious competition in SF. I just can’t decide either way. Any advice? I don’t like SSF, San Bruno, Brisbane, Pacifica, Daly City, and San Mateo is too far from SF for my taste :).

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Also any thoughts on this charmer? 943 Hillcrest, Millbrae

If you are comfortable with Millbrae’s price point, I think Millbrae is better for families than SF. Schools K-12 are more dependable in Millbrae. You won’t have weird problem like SF where they just decided not to teach algebra in middle schools altogether. Based on my observation decent houses on the hilly half of Millbrae cost around 1.5M.

Hillcrest is a pretty busy street. That house you mentioned may have some traffic noise.

I posted about this one when it first came onto the market (may be already pended for all I know). Did you go see it? The pricing ain’t too bad (of course, will be higher probably).

I went to look at a few places yesterday. Boy, I must have leaked into Burlingame by accident while trying to stay in Millbrae and when I sent to see this pretty cool house with crazy arse views everywhere it was like over 2.5M for an ok shape place. Didn’t question it until I looked again and it was actually Burlingame. Go figure.

Just for kicks, I went to a SSF one that also was pretty nice with views but the plane noise got to me. I swore I would never buy in SSF for that and I will hold true…

I was going to post the pic but I finished up with a Westlake home that backyards into the Olympic golf course. Very nice view… hopefully no errant golf balls shooting your way. Expected multiple offers and perhaps hitting 1.4-1.5M for Westlake!!! I will keep an eye on that…

I too am somewhat discouraged, so a possibility is for me to park my money back in the Fab 7x7 for a spell. Honestly, I think I can find something in the city easier than it would be for San Bruno Hills or Millbrae. Or, I give my buyer the bad news, no sale…

May be I should buy 1 or 2 rental in Millbrae and rent to manch and DarthGins :grin:
Any recommendations of what configuration of house (3 or 4 bedrooms, square footage, lot size, orientation) and neighborhood (if possible, street names :slight_smile: used to be important i.e. $100k-$200k difference, but in today’s low inventory, buyers don’t seem to care, but for long term, better to buy the good streets.).

This one in Burlingame “only” asks for 1.8M. Rare for the hilly side of Burlingame.

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Sigh. Some realtor told me this year would be the last year that you can buy a sfh under 2mil. Seems like that’s true for most part of penninsula…

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Well, I think 1.7M can get you a very good house in Millbrae. Don’t lose hope! :smile:

Hardly any 3/2/1 SFHs in the fortress* that are selling below $2 mil :grin: When I arrived in 2002, they are selling for $700s :cry:

fortress* refers to certain cities in South Bay, PA/LA/CU/MV/West SJ/West SV/Saratoga

What’s West SV?

Ah sunnyvale. That took a few secs. :slight_smile:

@notabene do you enjoy living in SF? Or want to move back to South Bay?

Sorry, forgot to really introduce myself since I’m new here. I’ve been actively in the market since May and mainly looking in SF, Millbrae, and San Bruno (not so much recently).

I did check out 943 Hillcrest in person and thought the house was in decent shape (a little dated), but the lot was big enough for expansion and the 1700 sq/ft makes the home feel spacious for a 2/1. There is a power line tower in the backyard, and to expand the home into the backyard requires excavation. Traffic on Hillcrest Blvd wouldn’t bother me since I’ve lived near 19th Ave for about 7 years. The view is killer and the front living room gives the home a grand feeling. It isn’t pending yet and I predict Stanley Lo will allow another round of open houses next weekend.

I’ve only looked at Crestmoor homes in San Bruno and felt the houses were nice, but I like the homes in Millbrae a little better. I’d probably say, ignoring lack the of inventory of San Bruno homes are still a little cheaper than Sunset homes and there is less competition. Compared to SF, sales prices on the peninsula are a little more predictable. It’s become a pet peeve of mine whenever an agent prices a SF home wayyyyy under listing only to start a bidding war.

I believe you would still be able to get a peninsula home under 2 mil within the next year in areas like South City, Daly City, Brisbane, San Bruno, Redwood City, San Mateo, and Millbrae. The home might be ~1500 sq/ft and a little dated. The window is definitely closing though. Also keep in mind, it’s a realtor’s job to drive up the demand for homes in the market so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re purposely engaging in a little fear mongering ;).

I’m absolutely loving the city right now, and I hope SV slowly moves up to Sf over time (for both job opportunities and appreciation ). But if that doesn’t pan out, I’m passively thinking that in few years, we’ll have to move back to south bay.

Otoh, as long as tech industry continues to be focused towards younger workers, I just dont see south bay as an attractive option for them. 5 yrs ago when I was moving out here, I debated heavily whether I should took that job in NY. If I was 5 yrs younger today, Id still debate like mad… SF is better (and I kick myself for not moving to SF 5 yrs ago), but still has long way to go compared to NY. Or even Chicago or Vancouver to an extent.

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This house barely makes it on the good side of El Camino. Looks like a charmer. 7k ft lot and only asking for 1.8M?!

It’ll go for 2M+ easily.

How about this beauty?

Outdoor deck off the kitchen and dining room and on the lower level is a large patio with built in BBQ.

See, I will admit that this one alone would be a better value than that Inner Sunset one…

WOT??? You lost faith in Sunset??

Man, I sense you are finally ready for suburbia.

Nice charming home! Unfortunately, it will sell over my budget (~1.5mil). :sweat: