Millennials ain't all bad

They made more sacrifices than all other age groups to buy a house. Maybe the old curmudgeons still say not enough?

Frankly, I never did care who bought (young, old, green, purple) just that someone did buy to keep the old economy and housing market humming along…

Aren’t a small percent of millennial s home buyers. That would mean only a small percent of them are making those actual sacrifices. Plus, the sacrifice might be required since they were spending irresponsibly in the first place.

Millennials have never been encouraged to sacrifice for anything…They feel entitled to lattes and organic overpriced food…They can’t save. .don’t know how

If playing right, you can benefit from generational transitions. People age and the progression is unstoppable, though can be delayed.

After 1 or 2 decades, millenials will be the main buyer pool. Where are they going to buy? What price range and size are they going to buy? We need to understand them and buy houses today that they will like in 1-2 decades.

Millenials are less uniform than previous generations. Smart millennials are earning huge income at a very young age. Dumb or lazy ones are depending on parents. It’s going to be a little different


You guys are all curmudgeons. :slight_smile: millennials will turn out fine. They may have a different set of preferences though. The next 5 to 10 years will see tons of millennials buy houses, like all generations prior.


It’ll be interesting if walk score stays popular with them as they marry and have kids.

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SF is planning new schools in mission bay. That could be a trend

That’ll play havoc on local budgets. Suburbs will have too many schools. Urban areas won’t have enough. They can’t respond to changes the way companies can.

I can see peninsula be more popular choice than South bay if that happen. Get in on the ground floor gentlemen!

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Yup. I can see that.

They are definitely moving to Tahoe…Would rather snowboard and smoke pot than buy a house…As long as they pay the rent, works for me

Come on in, Millennials!!!

Gen Xers too!!!

I won’t dispute the latte’s, but entitlement to “organic” food? You mean food that hasn’t been doused with chemicals that cause cancer and ruminants raised on a pasture rather than on leftover corn/soy/stale candy or worse the offal from their own kind? I think everyone’s entitled to that.

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Not likely. Especially for two income earner families. Not enough time to walk while working and taking the kids to five activities a week.

I was hoping to connect with a bunch of young hipster millennials here but instead all I get is a bunch of old sarcastic curmudgeons… hahaha

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Hey, what can you say? Curmudgeon = landlord

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That’s right all those late and missed payments would turn you into one for sure.

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That, but more irritating to me would be:


Ring, ring…
Hi Jane. What is going on?
What do you mean your child tried to see if his Batman could swim if he flushed it down the toilet?

And no, I don’t need a property manager who would want my money and still do a horrible job!!!