Millennials Are Playing It Too Safe

70% cash? Even my generation the X’ers are fools. 68% cash?!

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Do you blame them? They grew up living in condos…:grin:

Happy Friday, Y’all!!!

Depends on total assets. Millennial with new job out of college has $10k in checking and no investments. That’s 100% cash but smart to have emergency fund. If you save for down payment in Bay Area maybe you have $200k in cash and $100k in your 401k. That’s 66%

Doh it says $50k minimum assets but my point still stands

From seeing what my nephews and nieces went through recently, millennials have huuuuuge (as The Donald would say) student loan debts. That’s what you get for wanting to go away to that expensive school to find yourself. Now, here comes life’s real lesson, baby!!!

I’m a millennial. I always have No cash since everything is going towards stocks or real estate!


:thumbsup: You are the smart one!

I am a gambler at heart I guess? I always think why have emergency funds when you can take cash out with credit cards?

Is student loan debt really that terrible? Honest question. This figure from 2010 is kinda old:

So even at the most expensive end monthly payment is only $300. Hardly something that breaks the bank. And it’s only a tad more expensive than what people spend on entertainment:

Now this is survey on all households. So maybe millennials have bigger debt? Then how about the Gen Xers? They are holding 68% cash! What’s going on with these people?

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Only millennials? I had $80k “student loan” and a couple of hundred dollars in the bank after graduation. Big deal. Just trudge and let life river brings you to where you destined to go.

Back up to back up :grinning:

Well, that is the topic of the thread, @hanera:grin:

Many millennials were pampered and sheltered from the real world, no wonder they are risk adverse


46% seems to be an understatement. Based on my observation within my circle of friends it’s more like 75%.

The ‘bolder with age’ table is irrelevant. The older you are the more “play money” you have, as simple as that. I’m giving the millennials in this article the benefit of doubt that they are trying to save for down payment.

When it was 22, I risked everthing and hit a home run. .The younger generation needs to take risks, get out of the house, get out from under parental control and take control of their lives…Like Obama said the fierce urgency of now…Without fire in your belly, you have nothing

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Ditto, have 120k on CC balance xfers, hoping for a good bonus! I’m a millennial as well.

Never have more than a few grand as emergency but may be I should stash more.

How are bonds that high with the garbage interest rates? Maybe the market does have a lot more room to run. It seems stocks are under owned.

Hope so, I have plenty of stocks.

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How many millennials have 92K in 401K?