Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation

Surprised to see Gen-X never got to be the biggest cohort. The world til this year has been (mis)ruled by the Doomers. No wonder it was so effed up.

Time to lead the nation now millennials!

Yeah, let the generation that eats tide pods and pays $20 for avocado toast lead. What can possible go wrong. We’re screwed and financial ruin is inevitable.

Sucks for you guys. Let me enjoy my fancy artisanal coffee and eat my fake meat.

I am just bummed we the Gen-Xers never got to call the shots. Damn you Doomers!

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You pot smoking Berners. That would rather go to burning man than work. We are doomed for sure dude.

Enjoy your golden years while you can before we blow this country apart.

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And then you have Prince Charles, a boomer who never called one shot and got the Corona. Triple whammy.

32 is still millennial right? Sometimes I feel like I don’t get the youngsters in their 20s…

Smh get off my lawn kids!

Millienials had no wars to be drafted into… just the Great Recession and the plague… Show us your right stuff. …

What do we think about parents of millennials? Do they share some responsibility for millennials’ failures (or successes)?

If boomer parents baby and coddle their millennials kids, can you blame the kids for being soft and entitled?

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I blame the kids. Our parents beat us. We survived. Coddled brats get no sympathy.

I think a huge part is the parents had it tougher, so they spoil the kids. They want their kids to have an easier life. The intention is good, but the result is bad.


This I agree with.

I always tell my friends or cousins that you grew with much less and turned out great. Your kids don’t need that new iPad and iPhone every year…

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They couldn’t. The kids today tell on their parents and the state punishes them. Our liberal fascist bureaucracy has turned the world upside down Even in the fifties my crazy sister accused my parents of molesting her. The school psychologist questioned my parents. Fortunately in those days rotten kids were not taken seriously. Not today the little bastards are in charge. My sister lived a short miserable life. She was a compulsive liar. I fact she molested my younger sister and was put in home for badgirls when she was eleven. In those days it was called reform school. A lot of kids should be put in them today.

Sorry about your sister. She wasn’t a millennial though.

Enjoy your retirement years and just let millennial f things up.

My sister was technically from the sllent generation from 1929- 1946. Us boomers get accused of their miss deeds. And they were anything but silent. They were the 60s radicals, rockers and protesters. We hated them as much as our parents.

Infamous silent generation. Jerry Brown, Jane Fonda, Manson and just about any dead rocker you can think off. They messed up everything for those that followed.