It’s true though, even though I’m technically a millennial, on the border. I have a tenant now (rich Chinese mainland kid came here for college and working in tech now) who doesn’t know how to change lightbulbs. and when I went over noticing a light out, I said there are extra in the cabinet, and he said wasn’t sure how to take off the housing and change it so left it :rofl:

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Millennials don’t want to waste time replacing lightbulbs, got better thing to do.

All my rental contracts explicitly state that changing light bulbs is tenant responisiblity.

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It’s amazing you even have to explicitly state that in the contracts, haha. Blows my mind. Think they need to bring back home ec.

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Yeah noticed it too…Nobody knows how to fix anything anymore. .I enjoy fixing things…In many cultures physical labor is looked down upon…Women started looking at cooking and cleaning as slavery in my generation. …Personally I think people are cheating themselves…Taking care of yourself and your home is essential in the modern world. In Europe people obsess about cleaning. My Russian wife is hard on our cleaning people…No tenant can clean to her satisfaction…It is getting harder and harder to find people to fix anything…And yet fixing and making things can be pure joy…Especially cooking. …

Millienals in particular don’t even pick up after themselves…Many live like pigs…Their parents never made them clean or do chores…I had my tri annual city inspection on my apartment building yesterday. …The inspector told me I had one of the cleanest buildings and units he had seen.I spent the last two weeks making sure my tenants cleaned up…Some hadn’t cleaned their bathrooms in a year…Black tubs, brown toilets, brown nictotine spots on the ceilings…All easy to clean in a few minutes…Many times he has refused to enter peoples rooms…They were so flithy and full of crap he felt unsafe…
I dreaded the inspection. .What if he found something I had to repair…Or even condemn?..Happens all the time…But he explained to me that he was actually helping me…If he condemns a room or an apartment it will actually help me evict a slob or hoarder. Takes me up to 3 months to evict. HE CAN EVICT IN 3 DAYS… Awesome power, with police backup…He also told me that many foreign born owners are clueless about maintenance and repairs…A word to the wise, keep up your maintenance and teach your tenants how to clean up and take care of themselves

People are too busy to clean and change light bulbs??? BULLSHIT!!!

Btw, I put in my contracts that the tenants must have the carpets professionally cleaned annually…Hard to enforce…But it needs to be done…And it is not just about the carpets…It forces tenants to pick their shit off the floor…Many tenants just leave their dirty clothes in a pile on the floor…Percolating
like a compost pile…disgusting

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Yeah, how can you do those “better things” in the dark??? But in fairness, who hasn’t seen this with some tenants, young or old???

I noticed this trend 30 years ago at my old fraternity house at Cal…I was the house manager in the 70s…The place has slowy turned into a real pig sty…And the actives have the nerve to ask for Alumni donations…Can’t even clean your own mess…Donations…my ass…

SAME WITH TENANTS…If a tenant complains about a maintenance issue and lives in total filth, dont expect sympathy from me…


I thought beer was invented in the 80’s…


A Millennial

Actually modern craft beer was…I hate it…Over hoppy bitter crap, gives me a head ache…I prefer Bud…

We had a coke machine we converted to a beer machine…Cokes were 10cents…We put an empty beer bottle between each full one…Thus beers were 20 cents… Plus our fraternity had the only real bar on campus…good times

In Tahoe most of my tenants are perpetually stoned…Probably don’t even notice they live in filth…The new Marijuana laws pretty much give you no recourse regarding drug use…although you can ban growing weed…well until there is a court ruling. .Just like the whole service dog scam…Tenants have way to many rights…

My tenants called because there was a wasp nest on the patio. They also called to have the water filter for the fridge changed. The light bulb part doesn’t surprise me. I definitely need to tweak the contract next time.

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No, I ain’t wiping for ya too…

Tenants are like children, the want to be coddled…But what they need is discipline. .I am way to soft.
When I need to put the hammer down I send in my Russian wife…she scares the shit out of them, me too…lol

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Pest Control is also tenant responsibility. I wrote that into all of my contracts… :slight_smile:


It looks like you’ve had the most comprehensive contracts. Do you mind sharing the tenant responsibility portion? :slight_smile:

Second this. Changing lightbulbs, battery of smoke detectors and filters of HVAC are nuisance. I find some doesn’t know how to use dish washer.

Also: A/C filters, fridge, tenant insurance, washer/dryer, watering the lawn, weed cutting (if no gardener).

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You spell out explicitly? Just tell us the exact sentences used :wink:

What??? Do I need to spoon feed you lunch and dinner? I’ve already told you the items, so just run with them!

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