Millennials : women vs. men


Millennial men and women better state their stance on Trump on their Tinder profiles. But it seems they are already doing that:

eHarmony profiles noting political affiliation:
Last year: 24.6% of women & 16.5% of men
This year: 68% & 47%.

Women care more about political affiliation. Trumpian men may have trouble landing dates here in the Bay Area.


The only Millenial lady here is a Trumpist


That’s probably because she wasn’t a liberal arts major and isn’t broke.


I think this is true in overall America - I’m just saying in my bubble of young couples in the bay area and my marriage - husbands are equal contributors to household chores and childcare.


In the ideal world, women make as much as men, and men go home and take equal share of household chores and child rearing.

Science will also have advanced to such a degree so that it would also be possible for men to become pregnant. So that men can share the pain of child labor with women as well… :rofl:


That assumes there are no differences between men and women. Anyone who argues men and women are identical should take a biology course. They can map differences in brain development. Differences in hormones impact attitudes and decision making as well. Unless you want to neuter everyone’s hormones to make us all the same, then men and women are going to be different. Instead of trying to force us to be the same, we should recognize each other’s strengths and use them to their full potential.


Uh oh… you sound like that much hated anti-diversity googler all of a sudden… @manch, time for you to chime in now… :rofl:


Ignoring biological differences is similar to people that don’t want evolution taught in schools. It’s trying to argue personal beliefs over science.


Men from ages 25 to 34 are less likely to work than before



Not necessarily so…


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In other words, too small…


Salary or certain body part? Or both?


Millienials are becoming pugs