Millennials : women vs. men


Apparently the women rack up more debt going to college and do it to get jobs that pay less.

Maybe someone should create a millennial dating app where DTI, total debt, and FICO are included. It seems a lot more practical than swiping right or left based completely on looks.


That’s because they chose liberal arts majors with very meager payoffs. The financially savvy women major in STEM like the guys do.


It’s interesting. All the women on this board majored in STEM field.

How about men here? What percentage on STEM? Any liberal arts major?

Women have more eductional debt because more women go to college. In the bottom tier colleges, women rule. Top tier colleges has a balanced gender ratio. When a man is not good at academics, he would skip college and go work. But when a woman lacks, she still borrow and goes to a college with poor career prospect. Maybe women care more about prestige and vanity, and men are more pragmatic. Also maybe a college educated woman has better opportunity to marry upward?


Absolutely, women always have the choice to marry upward. Men’s choices are more limited. It’s harder to find a sugar mama than a sugar daddy.


Definitely. I think there’s 5x the number of men vs. women that make over $100k/yr. The ratio is even worse for over $200K/yr. The odds are not in a man’s favor for marrying up in income. Plus, I’ve never seen it happen where the woman didn’t end up resenting the man.


I never took on debt for college.


Using money to buy love (or marriage) always end up in resentment doesn’t matter the sex. As long as the resentment doesn’t boil over and can be kept under control. Otherwise divorce is always an option. Always good to write a prenup in this case.


Well aren’t you a special one :slight_smile:


Not that hard if your parents earn pennies which translate to financial assistance + some scholarship from the school + part-time work.


Looking for one? :sweat:


Do I look like I need one?


I have numerous couple friends where the woman is making more and they have a perfectly fine relationship - but these are also progressive men who aren’t insecure about themselves


What percentage of your couple friends with the wife earning more? Btw, if you happen to work for a superstar company like Gilead where many employees got rich from the stocks, it was not the norm


Statistically, the man makes more 75% of the time. In my observation, even if the woman earns more she’s still expected to be the primary care giver and household chore person. The resentment that builds over time is intense.


Wife making more than husband is different from a stay at home dad completely dependent on wife for support though.


Resentment of women over her incompetent husbands?
In this age of equality, there are still so many MCPs?
I think I ask a foolish question :slight_smile: all US Presidents are male right? And wives are supposed to support them :grin:

In case you are about to say something very bad about SAHD, let me remind you that your best-online-friend is a SAHD that fit that description :grinning:


Hillary tried… she failed…


Nothing wrong with SAHD. I would love to be one. Come right over, sugar mama… :smile:


Some old sayings about marriage:

  1. The man earns our money, and the woman earns her money.

  2. The secret to a happy marriage is a husband that earns more than his wife spends.


That’s why people need a big dowry… :rofl: