Milpitas: Do you feel deal here?

  1. Low Cost
  2. TLC
  3. Competition high

I feel value in it for primary owners, school rating & quiet location.
Cash investors, good deal.

How do you feel?

This is not in the good part of milpitas, Joseph Weller is not a great school. So not good for primary unless you cannot afford 100k more in the purchase price.

1Bath addition + TLC will be 50-60k atleast. Might go for 750 after the remodel, so 600 will be a good price for flippers?

This listing which requires a lot of TLC as well, but in a great neighbourhood of milpitas went for almost 900k ( I know the listing agent). So the demand is very high in good areas.


I agree with that @RealEstatebull said. Not a quite desirable area of Milpitas. From what I know houses in the decent neighborhood in Milpitas are selling like hot cake. Probably 800K to 900K range is hottest and very desirable for a lot of single income families with close enough commute.

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How far is it from the new Bart stations?

About 5 miles: (10mins drive including on highway)

Does Milpitas have a station? I know Warm Spring and Berryessa do.

I think it is opening next year along with Warm Spring & Berryessa. The station will be by Great Mall.

I think the whole Milpitas will be hot in the next 5 years. Just like that stretch of Sunnyvale above 101. Used to be crap area. Still is to some degree. But price is rapidly ratcheting up. After they build tons of new housing in the old AMD campus it will get even hotter.

So buy whatever you can in Milpitas…

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Every one knows Bart is coming…
So I wonder if the fact that BART actually is operational matter much?? What did you guys see example in Fremont after Bart and hype up to the Bart?? Curious.

Well may be Fremont is a bad example. It’s the biggest city built around Bart and commuting to sv and sf

I’m trying to understand market dynamics post bart in milpitas

Yes, this is the point.

Buy whatever anyone can in Milpitas and at lowest cost (prop 13), hold for long ! Whatever modifications, about 50k or 100k, are unnoticed for property tax for ever.