Mission Bay is Sinking

The Millennium Tower may be San Francisco’s most famous tilting and sinking structure, but it is not the city’s only sinking problem.

Many streets in the city’s new Mission Bay neighborhood have started to sink, prompting worried officials to say that they will inspect the area as soon as next month, an NBC Bay Area investigation has found. They say the problem is more than an eyesore because people can trip over cracked, uneven sidewalks.

Maybe the ocean isn’t rising as much as land is sinking…

Note to Warriors: Don’t be cheap…build to bedrock or fuuuuugetabout!!!

Baylands and the delta have been settling forever…

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There was a guy who was thinking about buying a condo in Mission Bay? Hope he’s still thinking and hasn’t pulled the trigger yet…

Been settlement issuses in Shoreview since the 50s.Same problems in FC, Redwood Shores…Many other areas in alluvial plains have expansive clay problems…Buy in the hills…better soil and even sometimes rock

Mission bay streets have been there for a century.
Why is the sinking starting to happen now?

Treasure Island too. George Lucas, watch out!!!

The sinking in the past wasn’t measured. .We have better surveys and more aggressive lawyers today.

It looks like Mission Bay is not unique with this problem. Interesting piece here mentions plans to move capital city Jakarta to rural area. Might be a land rush in Sepaku?