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Send this to checkbook liberals and they would want to cut taxes now.

Tax needs to be minimized. Money should stay in peopleā€™s pocket so that they can spend wisely. The public servants are using your money like toilet paper.


Oakland International Airport gets a $45 million upgrade

East Bay airport sees 134% increase in international arrivals



There is no there, thereā€¦Gertrude Stein


Does that apply to bitcoins too???








Catch and prosecute
Instead of catch and release like in SF


The problem is with the reclassification of car break-ins as misdemeanors and not as felonies correct? Now, why our wonderful leaders and lawmakers donā€™t seem to get the concept that if you lighten the punishment criminals will actually commit more crime is beyond meā€¦


You donā€™t want to know how many crimes arenā€™t prosecuted.


The liberals including the Bd of Stupes are anti car. Probably want to encourage these thugs




92% leased in 4 months. I have invested with these guys a few timesā€¦



Publicity stunt. Price will be agreed in dollars. And then an exchange will be made at the going rate. Means nothing.