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Temescal, baby, and Oakland in general!!!

The new Brooklyn.

San Luis Obispo is on the list. Is SLO a good place to invest? It sure seems a nice place to live or retire.

Maybe we can buy a second home in SLO.

I have a friend flipping houses in SLO, doing very well…

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Right on. I suspect more companies will move across the bay too. If they can move even further east to say Pleasanton and Dublin it’d be even better. People can commute in from as far as Stockton.

I know…not too happy that this company may infect my Warriors…

old news by now.

small space 16k sq ft

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That’s what we Oakland owners want to see, more techies coming in to Oak Town!!!

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Here is a cute one in Oakland…

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Is this a positive for the area? Will senior citizens gentrify the neighborhood?

Well, development in general is great (esp for this area) but we are talking about seniors. They are going to be less mobile since they are living there at the location mostly with most services being provided onsite. More traffic I suppose from family visiting too.

I guess young single men are the 1st wave of gentrifiers. Young single women are the 2nd wave gentrifiers. Young families are the 3rd wave