More rent control BS



Please, please use all your voices and resources to defeat this dramatic expansion of rent control to all the properties, old and new, single family, condo and multi family.

I will sell all my rentals if this passes


same here. I sell and go back to china. fxxking communist country


Costa-Hawkins Act is the only thing between us and the barbarians…

Be afraid. Be. Very. Afraid. :fearful:


And even if your low rent tenant vacates, you still can’t raise rent to market with the new tenant.

And if every house is under rent control, will there even be a real “market rent” at all?

This will make Californian real estate dead, just like Germany and Holland. No one will want to become a landlord, and most people will just rent and never have much incentive to buy a home.

I think I need to talk to hanera and visit AUSTIN soon


That’d killed any new construction of apartments or condos. If they want to do something, they should ban building more office space. The imbalance between office and residential construction is why housing is so expensive. The $150K/unit of permits and fees don’t help.


Oh…please, leave, if you don’t like my beautiful country and state…so those who have been reading you about how to make a good living out of rentals can take your place.

I may even help you with the luggage. Just tell me day, time and manner of leaving this wonderful country. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Oh…I forgot! There are what are they called? Community meetings where the “people” go and make their opinions be heard. I’ve brought here a couple of times the time and date of the alleged meetings but so far I am waiting for one, yes, one single RE investor=landlord to tell me how it went.

It’s the people’s vote…people…if you are mumbling jumbling anything against anything on a forum, well, you are a lost cause, move your lazy butt and go to protest!

What? You want everything done for you? Go and protest! Go and vote!

You guys are so funny…really…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


He is right about one thing. The high cost of rent is California contributes to the homeless problem. You can’t complain about the homeless problem in cities like SJ and SF and then complain that they are spending too much money on the homeless and then gouge people on rent at the same time.


No. High cost of rent does not contribute to homelessness. Good weather does.


They have homelessness in other big cites like New York and Chicago where the temperature gets below zero in the winter. And yes, New York has rent control but only if you have lived in the same apartment forever.


Homelessness in New York and Chicago is negligible compared to Bay Area and Hawaii. Validate for yourself.


Mild weather + pathetic, lenient leadership in the Fab 7x7 = Tent City, USA


I drove to West Oakland the other day. I swear I saw streets lined with tents… :scream:


Really. New york is number one in the nation for homeless population.


Oh, for sure, especially by the freeway underpass there, sort of near that Home Depot…


Yes but only 4% of them are out in the streets in NY… they are sheltered by the city so they are not technically homeless.

Try this quiz:


Rent control will cause massive homeless population. No new housing will be built. Very few rental units will turn over because it’ll be really really hard to find a rental apartment. When there’s a vacant apartment, only the super good tenant will get the chance. Regular and marginal people may have to live in the tent in California, or move to Texas to pay the market rent.

Rent control will stop the in-migration of young workers and make Califonia full of old people who were fortunate to occupy an apartment before the rent control regulation. New immigrants will stop coming to California, especially the legal immgrants who want to avoid street living


There’s always the Ellis Act.


Do people really vote? It seems like the turnout is always fairly low…


Yes, please refer to my “Very Embarrassing, Ladies” thread…:grinning: