More Weed Store NIMBYism


Good. Medicinal marijuana works.

People need to go with the flow.

Then put them next to your house…

There are many around. Don’t bother me.

At least they are not the smoking pot everybody thinks. There are juices, pills, etc.

My tax guy got cured from Chron’s disease.

There used to be one about 3 miles from my house next to my dentist’s office. You have to have a medical condition then that required a prescription. A lot of people going in and out all the time. Cancer is striking much younger people these days because the vast majority of them were under 25 years old. :grin:

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The businesses themselves may be fine, but they do draw the criminal elements to the neighborhood. We have seen news reports of this crap happening, where people are casing the joints for robbery or holding up of the customers as they leave the businesses with their medicine.

We need to see this from the beneficial point.

I know, crime will come to where money is.

What do you think people taking OxyContin as a drug of choice do when they get hooked to it? They live a criminal life. They will do anything to get his next rush.

On the other hand, land is getting acquired for this purpose. Find the final destination of these marijuana dispensaries and make money out of it.

I am not into real estate investing, but making these people owning dispensaries how to save in taxes and how to leverage their money.

I went through chemo twice. They gave me medication both times for nausea. You take it a half hour before you take the medicine and you don’t get nausea. You do lose your appetite though. They say marijuana helps you regain your appetite. I don’t know if that part is true.

There are some benefits of medicinal marijuana, there are some side effects, but it is not like the medicine you take nowadays that will make you get cancer when you are taking it for curing a migraine. :crazy_face:

Insomnia is cured by these pills. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t take them because there are no studies, nor the guys knowing anything about marijuana would tell us the side effects or the natural ingredients in it would make my wife’s Tachycardia come back.

But my tax guy got cured of Chron’s disease. He is a firm believer and he may be one of the few ones studying the tax implications for these dispensaries.

If I were dying of cancer, believe me, I would eat poop it that was a cure for it. :scream:

Come on!!! Weed is NOT a cure for cancer… it causes cancer… :rofl: