Mortgage Rates

Hey all,

I spoke to my local mortgage contact and she relayed this to me if you are interested:

Conforming Loan, 30 yrs

Investment prop: 3.875% fixed
Primary prop: 3.375% fixed

No cost.

These assume credit score of at least 740.

PM me if you are interested and want to talk to her. Again, she is based in Fremont.


That’s a good number for investment property. 25% down? Do you know how many days they need for closing?

Only for purchase or also refinancing?

Just called her again.

Ok, assumes LTV < 60%. Refinancing only. If purchase, may be lower but there are closing costs to consider. Yes, investment assumes 25% down. She said people are really busy but can do closing 30 days. Min 780 fico

Again, I have a lot of friends who have used her. She doesn’t need to advertise, she is too busy as it is…

She did say that the 2.50% fixed 15 yr rate she got me a few moons ago may be beaten if the crap continues in the world…

PM me if you want to talk to her direct.

Here is the rate sheet from broker. She says rates are very good and great time to do the refi again.

PM me for contact info.

rates 6/27/2016, owner occupied:

Conforming: 417,000, LTV 60%, Refinance, FICO 780, 30 days lock, No Point, No Fees:
30 year fixed: 3.375%apr
15 year fixed: 2.75%apr
7 year ARM: 2.875%apr

HB Conforming: 625,000, LTV 60%, Refinance, FICO 780, 30 days lock, No Point, No Fees:
30 year fixed: 3.50%apr
15 year fixed: 2.875%apr
7 year ARM: 3.25%apr

The following is Today’s rate 6/27/2016, Single Family Investment properties:

Conforming: 417,000, LTV 60%, Refinance, FICO 780, 30 days lock, No Point, No Fees:
30 year fixed: 3.875%apr
15 year fixed: 3.25%apr

HB Conforming: 625,000, LTV 60%, Refinance, FICO 780, 30 days lock, No Point, No Fees:
30 year fixed: 4.00%apr
15 year fixed: 3.50%apr

OK. I am intrigued. PM me her info. :slight_smile:

Yes, call her tomorrow like all my friends. Even I am doing the electronic transfer of information right as we speak…

Thanks @sfdragonboy! I have used another agent from the same company and can vouch for their excellent rates :slight_smile:

I’d like her info too! Thanks!

Send me an email on here and I will forward you her info. She said rates are pretty darn good right now so need to act quickly. I am taking advantage of that 3.75% fixed rate on on one of my investment homes. Hurry!

Ok folks,

What are you waiting for? I just submitted all my docs electronically for 3.75% investment prop loan, 30 yr fixed NO COST NO FEE. Tracie said that is as low as she has seen it, even for her own loans. Hurry!!!

What rates are you guys getting for a primary SFH, 30 year conforming loan with zero costs?

Hey Vinny,

I just pinged you back. Tracie says 3.375% for 30 yrs conforming 417k and under. Meeting all criteria of course.

Good luck!

Couple of days back I was seeing no cost Jumbo loans, refinance, 30 years fixed LTV<60%, 720+ for 3.375% from some bank via Costco mortgage. Don’t see it today.

Anyways, I wish I had bought between my house 2009-2012, my LTV would have been 40%!

Time to refi again???

Rates may go lower with Deutsch Bank having so many issues. German bond yields are even lower than US bonds. However, people are realizing the risk in Germany. They will have to bail out DB and maybe others. It makes Wells Fargo’s problems seem tiny. Once they fire the CEO, WF will move onward and upward.

Issue will not be resolved by firing CEO alone. They want take out CEO(+group of top level executives supporting CEO) of WFC so that next person provides more details.

The problem with WFC is firing Thousands of low level people while top level enjoyed Millions of dollars. Congress starts digging issues since 2007 onwards.

The person in charge of that division already “retired” and will have comp clawback. They’ll have to settle the lawsuit from former employees. $2.3B sounds like a lot, but they’d be wise to settle ASAP and move on. It’s only 10% of their annual earnings. I have some January, 2018 call options. Going slightly in the money the time premium is tiny, and I get 15 months until expiration.

Interesting, we are just opposite here.

I have Jan 2018 put options strike price $30 ! It may not go to $30. With elections uncertainty and rate raise uncertainty, expecting WFC degrades further. Reason is next 6-9 months, WFC gets hit after hit.

See California severed ties with WFC.

Similar sanctions by other states affect WFC revenue. WFC top management can not function properly until this issue is getting resolved. Too many changes at top, restructure etc affects revenue and profit in addition to pay off the settlement to ex-employees and penalty.

Any way, this is just to test my option speculation or reasoning skill on WFC, I will decide whether to hold or sell by Dec 2016. I have enough gain to cover the loss even if make full loss. It is very small amount.

Coming back to mortgage rates, my friend is getting 3.375% for 30 year fixed, wellsfargo, around 680k level for primary home purchase. His FICO is more than 760 first time purchase.

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