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My preapproval that got renewed last week said 4% as well, but this is for primary.



Although linked to a WaPo article, the original source is Freddie Mac - here:

Couple of very important contextual items about this article:

  1. This data is a week old. so today is +.125% higher for the most part.
  2. This data assumes .50 in points to get that rate. Want a zero point cost loan? +.125% to your rate
  3. It’s all about Conforming Loan Rates. Most Banks use their Jumbo products in lieu of Conforming whenever possible so -.375 in some cases.

So… a zero point Conforming is closer to 4.875%-4.750%, with Jumbo rates ranging in the 4.625%-4.500% range. Buying an investment home? Brace for low to mid 5’s now. The trend at present is not a home buyers friend. Many clients are taking short term shelter in 5 and 7/1 year ARM products, waiting for the next pushdown in rates. Some say it could be sooner than later for this to happen. We’ll see…

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Agreed! I took the 7 years fixed option…



Basically, mortgage follows 10 year rate which is market driven.Is this adjusting (expecting) next week rate hike?


10yr T is an indicator of the direction mortgage rates are being driven, but not necessarily a 1-1 analog. Prices for Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS’s) Bank profit margins, and other factors go into creating the rate that’s delivered to the consumer. For example, refinance mortgage loans tend to have a higher rate than purchase loans. The speads between the two loan types vary daily from as little as .125 to as much as .375 no matter which direction the 10yr T is headed…

When the Fed moves the rates they control, some mortgage rates are impacted - ARMs first, Fixed rates later. The trend at present is higher, driven by anticipated Fed moves, but also capital flows from Mortgages to Stocks. Great that AAPL went up today, but so did Mortgages, trying to pull investment dollars back to their corner.

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For 30 years fixed 4.65%
For 15 years fixed 4.11%
ARM is 3.92%


With no cost and no points? Which bank/lender if you can share.


That data is from the Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey. If you read this after 9/26/18 the data will change, likely for the worse.

Depending on property type, loan to value, and banking relationships, most of the “biggies” are about .125 to .25% better than Freddie Mac’s average numbers. As noted before YMMV.

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Better keep that 2.5% loan, dragonboy…


What are the current rates cash out refinance.

Do you guys have recommendations. I already messaged @sfdragonboy for her contact. Can you share your experience.


I do not know current rates, but check with Bank of America, they do cash out for investment properties, possibly lowest ever I heard (mine was done 6 months before at 4.25% investment cash out)


Lowest 4.125% from WFC.


when was it ?


Few weeks ago


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