Mortgage Rates


Eek 4.4 is so high!

It’s 400/month more to buy the home I bought in 2016 with a fixed rate.

Factoring in appreciation as well as rate gain, it is 1000/month more expensive in terms of mortgage to buy the same home.

  • plus 150/month extra property tax
  • plus about 100k of mortgage interest now not tax deductible

Why are people who willing to pay SO much more today than even 2 years ago? What is going on??!!

I understand the price being high as lots of cities are very expensive relative to income. What I’m struggling with is not seeing what has changed vs. 2 years ago. It’s not like we were in a recession then and recovering now.


One word: FOMO


Stock market is up 30%.


FOMO is real too.


Ok, my Tracie just locked me in on a fairly decent rate I think: 3.875%, 7 yrs fixed for my investment property. Jumbo loan. Not completely free, but only $879.


Some banks in San Diego are offering 6 month CD rates at 4.25-4.30%. I think that is a sign that mortgage rates will be going up soon. They are usually higher than CD rates.


Well, mortgage rates have gone up over the new year and the Fed is expected to continue inching it up in the future. I was hoping for a longer fixed period than 7 years but I will more than likely refi or sell before then.


Which bank or banks? I want to deposit here rather than paying off my 30 year fixed at 3.625%. I need to hold my cash for around 2 years at least.


That’s a good rate. I have a 7 year arm for 3.5% which I got in 2006. Recently, I refied 3 mortgages to 30 yr fixed of 4.375%.


First Financial Guarantee was offering the 4.25%. I saw another ad for 4.30 but did not write it down.


Yeah, she had been trying to hold off on locking for me since the best she could find for me was 4% up until this morning.


What? You decided to not buy a house for 2 years? Even if there’s a correction, it’s unlikely to reach the bottom in 2 year. Next bottom could be 6 years away.


Mortgage rate is pretty high for some banks. The difference between a good rate and bad rate has increased a lot. It’s better to lock in the good rate now when you are given a chance. It’ll go up for sure, just not sure how much.


I’m SERIOUSLY surprised that my house price is almost up 50% in 2.5 years. At this point it needs to fall by 33% to go back down to my purchase price.

Hence for me the conclusion is waiting to buy would not have helped me.


Are those investment property rates? Cause I was able to get 3.5% 30 year fixed in 2016.


What area are you in?


Yes, all are investments.



Ah ok, then that’s not too bad.


Guess I missed the boat for Fremont :disappointed_relieved: