Mortgtage Apps Increase, CEOs plan on more hiring

Don’t look now but these are bullish signs for RE.

I don’t know, Yellen just raised the number again today…

Market roars up.

More good economic news.

Are we going to have a super boom? Hope there will be no bust after this Trump super boom

I think we all know there will be more recessions. The money making data point is when. Unfortunately, excessive optimism is usually a sign of the top. I don’t think it’s excessive yet, but it is getting closer. Most of this bull market run was while climbing a wall of worry. Sentiment wasn’t that great but the market kept grinding higher.

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Let’s wait to see. When the most extreme Trump criticizers start to get more optimistic about market, it’ll be the time to get out

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I was at the gym after work yesterday. Guess what is playing on my treadmill? Every freaking housing flipping show there is. Now, you got The Deed and various spin-offs of it. Ooooh yes, the top is near…


Now inventory is low at the national level. It’s not just a bay area “problem”.


Why would any solvent, reasonably smart person sell knowing supply is way down everywhere? Your asset is increasing in value every passing minute!!! And besides, where are you gonna go? No one wants really to buy up, more property tax for you. Selling may mean capital gains taxes. So, while the music is playing, everyone is sitting in the chairs and the prospective buyers are circling without a chair to get…


I think the trade up market is mostly dead. That used to cause people to move.

Maybe with everyone remodeling their homes now, no need to trade up??? Just like that house show, Love It or List It. Most of the time, the folks love it and stay!!!

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I could see that. Plus, moving is a pain. In CA, you have the prop 13 advantage of staying. Most states don’t have that big of advantage for staying. That’s why the low inventory at a national level surprised me.

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Sure the article is accurate? Didn’t the Mid West guys are screaming hell that their dire situation need to be addressed?

Definitely low inventory in Tahoe, Stockton and Sacramento. …But how many buyers are there?

22 houses for sale in RWC…985 in all of SAMCAR, SILVAR…most of silicon valley…Extreme low inventory

Many past buyers, who are low fixed mortgages less than 4.5%, are not selling. Low lock rates, Prop 13 and capital gains are the reason for not selling.

Presently, ARM lockers are selling, most of them are flippers with long term capital gains.

There were plenty of so long waited buyers out there, desperately looking for home to lock mortgages before getting priced out forever. Additionally, lot of 1031 exchanges are there, mainly multiplex rentals, to avoid capital gain tax. Stocks going up is a boost to local economy and real estate is a by product bidding wars.

In fact, after recent rate hike mortgage rates are reduced to 4.5% jumbo fixed !