Most Expensive House in Bayview

3/2/2500 asking 2M.

Built in 2015, 1411 Hudson is on one of the premier blocks of the Bayview, 2 blocks off of Third Street on a tree-lined street w/ multiple high-end homes. Abundant natural light and unparalleled city and water views can be taken in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Follow the sun rise over the bay from your kitchen and end with sunsets next to your outdoor fire pit on the rear roof deck. Features include 3bd/2.5ba, 11’ ceilings, light oak floors, radiant heating (3 zones), gracious master suite, 4 outdoor entertaining spaces, rooftop deck w/ fireplace & plumbed wall for an outdoor kitchen, gourmet kitchen, recessed floor boards, Hansgrohe/Grohe fixtures, state of the art security system. Voted 2016 Neighborhood of The Year by SF Curbed.

Hey, less competition from the Chans, Lees or Wongs…

Chinese Unlucky Number 14

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Chinese are not known to be aficionado of modern architecture anyway. If people are paying 1.5M for that darn condo on Oakdale Ave why not pay 500 more for this beauty?

Looks like someone developed 4 homes and there is exactly similar house next to it:

But personally, if I had 2M to spend, this ain’t the place I would spend it on. Cheap, yes, absolutely. But now, you want me to spend that much on an up and coming area?

My faith on human intelligence has completely shattered after that Bayview condo went pending. Dropping 2M on a Bayview house? Why the hell not?

Bayview is gentrifying fast. Someone predicted that in a decade or so its home prices will be more expensive than outer sunset. Judging from these listings, maybe we don’t really need that decade… maybe it’s already upon us.

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Obviously, that pending on the condo happened. But think what you are suggesting. You are essentially saying that it would be a better investment to buy a 2M home in Bayview vs say in some of your fav neighborhoods like Noe Valley or Glen Park. Does that really make sense? I just don’t think the upside is there when you overspend at the get go in such a crummy part of the Fab 7x7. I would like to think the better parts will always hold their values more. Why should they drop?

Built in 2015 and sell in 2017, why the 2 year wait?

Was it used as a rental or primary home?

These kind of houses will earn Bayview more credibility with high budget buyers. Good time to bottom fishing Bayview now.

Bayview appreciation was lower than Excesior, Portola and other western SF hoods. Is Bayview a bargain now relatively?

And is the shipyard development taking buyers away from old Bayview houses?

Funny how this forum has shifted from a silicon valley south bay forum to the Bayview. .Growing up in the 60s, I remember Bayview was a scary ghetto…My high school was near Balboa High…Those Balboa kids were scary thugs…Basically the whole south half of SF was undesirable…The middle class was moving to San Mateo county… The rich to Marin…things change fast in the BA…But San Francisco is again the center of the bay area, and even the worst areas are attractive …especially to newbies who have no memory of the old hoods…

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Bayview was a scary ghetto into the 80s and 90s even. Undesirable into the 2000 and early 10s. It has only turned all of a sudden within the past few years.

Which is more (or less) desirable: Bayview or East Palo Alto? :slight_smile:

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East Palo Alto is more expensive on average.

Marin has been appreciating slowly. Now Marin might be less expensive than San Mateo, or equal more or less.

EPA, has better weather, more local jobs, bigger lots…much more chance to build value…I screwed up in 2009…Just didnt want to even drive around EPA…I watched the pros buy hundreds of EPA houses. …They had tons of cash, didn’t care who the tenants were or what the rehab costs were. .They just knew they were buying at 20 cents on the dollar…Never mind they all got indicted for bid rigging…One ended in up prison…The rest are still fighting the rap…

That’s fine, let them have their cake! Bay Area is a big place, EPA is just a tiny pocket of it. You don’t need to own anything there to prove your worth.

I always believed that EPA would take off…I just wasnt hungry enough to fight with those wolves when it did…I had the vision…But sucess takes vision, guts and a lot of risk…No more risk for me…Taking the slow road in Tahoe…don’t want to be cutting edge, gentrifying ghettos…I will leave that to the young hungry wolves…

EPA simply made too much sense with the surrounding wealth that is down there. I am sure it helped when some retail biggies came in too. Didn’t Home Depot go in there and of course isn’t IKEA essentially in that general area too? As you can tell, I don’t know EPA well but it sounds like just bad characters in SFH neighborhoods correct(?) vs say multi public housing projects that weren’t going away anytime soon.

There was a huge demographic shift…The criminal elements have been pushed out. New construction. Facebook . The Fourseasons. HD, Ikea…Lots of combined factors…Changes in apartment owners

They are literally in front of each other on same plaza.

Well, you haters can go pound some dirt now. The most expensive house in Bayview has just gone pending. That’s only after 11 days on market.

Sunset is hot? LOL. Let’s try Bayview.

Wait, if I had $2M to spare, why not buy a nice home in Cupertino?

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